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Updated Project: Princess to version 1.0.3. Some evil versions of Warrior and Sorceress ending, a "Give Up" button at the battle tourney, some number changes, and such.

Also uploaded it to Kongregate.com! Maybe more people will see it now.

Kongregate link:

Link to the copy on my webspace:

And the Flash 7 version:

If you're using the one on my webspace or the flash 7 version and had savefiles, it will hopefully still work.
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1 min read
It's taken forever, but Project: Princess is complete!

It's a daughter-raising game, with stats and a bunch of different possible endings and stuff. It's totally based on some Japanese game nobody has played, called "Princess Maker".

I've been making this thing for quite a while now, but I've actually completed it! It's amazing. I never expected to actually finish this thing.

You can check out the game here: mmtlc.badlydigital.com/project…

Or a version compiled for Flash 7, so it should work on the Nintendo Wii! mmtlc.badlydigital.com/project…
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1 min read
Hurrah, I've found a new job! And it's more technical work than the government one!

Well, it's with a small company that makes the touchscreen menu systems for restaurants. The systems that servers or hosts might use. I'm in the QA department, and we run lots of scripts to test stuff and find bugs and such.

So, yay!

On a side note, I can't seem to find the option to turn off the stupid mood indicator smiley now... blast. I don't know why I ever put one up in the first place. Eh, at least I'll change it.
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1 min read
Ok, well, that's the end of that. I'm no longer working with the federal government.

I've officially resigned. I never really fit in there... It was the policy department, and I really kinda wanted to do something more technical. Consequently, they never really liked me much there, but I never really liked them, so I guess it evened out.

It was for the best for me to leave right around my one-year span of time working there. If I had stayed longer, it would've been more paperwork or something to leave.

So I need to send more resumes out! I sent some out already, to a few local places, and one in Florida so I can hang out with Boomer! Let's see if I get any responses... I'll send some to more companies too.
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2 min read
Man, life's freakin' nuts.

My friend Tim is getting married today, 7/7/07. I've known him since grade school. It makes me feel all... like... grown-up. Bah! 23 ain't grown up! I have a long way to go!

And ALEX, too! He and his ladyfriend are supposedly tying the knot early next year! They're, like, engaged! Jesus.

And I've been dating the same girl for, like, six years...

Meanwhile, John's started dating an 18-year-old girl he met three weeks ago or so, and plans on tossing her to the curb as soon as he's gotten what he wants out of the deal.

Hm, maybe we're not all THAT grown-up... We certainly act like immature morons an awful lot. Still play lots of video games. Or at least I know I do; I'm not sure quite how much some of the other guys do. But at least some.

I know that not many people read this... but hey, might as well type this out and save it somewhere for posterity.

Oh, and my girlfriend's place was raided by the cops mistakenly for child pornography that they seemed to think her roommate had, or something. Yeah, um, there wasn't any. I find the whole thing kinda hilarious, personally, but she probably doesn't because they seized all their computers.
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