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Rear Admiral

Well, this is the first artwork I'm uploading to this whatsit! Woohoo!
Actually, this here is a somewhat older drawing of mine. Whenever I've done coloring lately, I don't use Paint Shop Pro, and have used Flash. I'll upload some of thems later.
But anyways.
It's Rear Admiral, a character by/representing a friend of mine. He's a pirate! Woo! I've got a link to some of his site from my (no longer really updated...) website.
Um... so, until next time...!
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Ah, yes, indeed it is. The tentacle that has harassed Rear Admiral in his short-lived webcomic was quite based on the purple tentacle in Day of the Tentacle. And, by extention, based on the tentacle in Maniac Mansion.
So... um... yeah. That's exactly what it is.
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He's a pirate... I kill pirates. I'm a Ninja, you know. Ninjas kill pirates. Pirates and Ninjas are mortal enemies.

I dig the tentacle. It's like a Maniac Mansion reject.

[Boomer out]