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Princess Peach

Well, well, well. We come to this. Princess Peach.
Yes, I might call myself a sort of Nintendo fanboy. I certainly watched the Super Mario Bros Super Show, wear Nintendo boxers, have each of their home consoles, and most of their handheld systems, to boot.
I, however, am not as crazy about Princess Peach Toadstool as a couple of other Peach affictionados I could name... only a little for me, really. Um... if you're reading this, you guys, not that it's BAD for you guys to like Peach that much. Just I'm not as big a fan as you. I still like her!
The point is, this piece of art was one of my first steps into the world of coloring in Flash. There's some stuff I like about Flash for coloring, some I don't. Not that I'm a professional colorist or anything, just, y'know, preference. As for what I like or don't about this specific piece, I think I did the dress alright. I don't really like the head, or the hair. I dunno... mostly the head, I guess. I changed it a bit in later pictures. Ah well, what can I expect from artwork I drew in the back row of Stat 400? It could be better.
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Good job! :thumbsup: I saw this before a looong ago.
Hehehehehe, I'm one of these crazy Peach fanboys, don't worry, I don't feel offended or something by that statement (In fact, I'm proud to be know as Peach's number one lover ) :D :+fav:
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You know, you were definitely one of the two people I was thinking of when I wrote that. Heh heh.
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It's a good picture, but I think her eyes look a smidge vacant. Like she's stoned. Come to think of it, the hand pose fits that too. . . But I'm sure you intended it as "Victory" and not "peace", heheh. Good work.

[Boomer out]
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Yeah, the eyes are part of the head I don't really like much... aheh. Ah well, that's why pencils have erasers! People make mistakes.
*kills self*