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This is the first of two themed images. It's my main World of Warcraft character, Heldur the Human Warrior. He is, as of this writing, level 62, but he's dressed here in slightly lower-level gear. It's themed to be like the Stormwind guards, but not exactly. It's a mix with some slightly better gear, too, so maybe like a fancy elite guard or something.
In the background is Shaelyn, one of my girlfriend's characters.

It's made to be an appropriate size to be a desktop wallpaper image, if I wanted to use it as such.

The thing may have solid coloring, but I didn't add any shading, really. I might add that at a later time, but I wanted to upload something to get off my long disappearance. Also might wind up moving stuff around, changing background colors, etc. if I hear some input or something.

Oh, um, Warcraft and Stormwind and such are all Blizzard's. I didn't make those up. They did.
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Yeah, that's the Imperial Plate Set, I would think.
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Why, yes it is!

Well, mostly.... if we want to get to specifics, the legs and chestplate (which is mostly covered by the tabard anyway) are part of the alliance PvP gear.

It was pretty much just the armor set I wore when I wanted to be like a Stormwind guard. And the sword is obviously the Master Sword, which would translate to Linken's Sword of Mastery in WoW.

...I may be a nerd.