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Cobra Magnus, Volvo form

By HJE-Cobra
This here is my character of HJE-Cobra, only as a Transformer. This version of Cobra Magnus turns into a Volvo station wagon. He'd normally turn into a double-length bus. There's a sketch over in the Scraps section of bus mode.
I'ma gonna finish this artwork sooner or later. I just thought I'd actually update my gallery instead of scraps. I'll replace this one with the colored one later.
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Yupo, his general appearance and styling is more based on the Alternators line of Transformers than other ones. At least that's where I drew my inspiration from, anyways.
And the Volvo version of HJE-Cobra would be the Alternators version, whereas the bus version would be the normal one. In, like, Transformers G1 or whatever. The design on that one wasn't specifically taken from one series, like this Cobra was. That one's just sorta generic.