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Current Residence: USA
Shell of choice: Red koopa shell
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Too many!
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Nintendo. Everything.
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A pencil, some paper, Paint Shop Pro, and Flash MX.
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Videogames, and such
Updated Project: Princess to version 1.0.3. Some evil versions of Warrior and Sorceress ending, a "Give Up" button at the battle tourney, some number changes, and such. Also uploaded it to Kongregate.com! Maybe more people will see it now. Kongregate link: http://www.kongregate.com/games/HJECobra/project-princess Link to the copy on my webspace: http://mmtlc.badlydigital.com/projectPrincess.html And the Flash 7 version: http://mmtlc.badlydigital.com/projectPrincessLow.html If you're using the one on my webspace or the flash 7 version and had savefiles, it will hopefully still work.
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It's taken forever, but Project: Princess is complete! It's a daughter-raising game, with stats and a bunch of different possible endings and stuff. It's totally based on some Japanese game nobody has played, called "Princess Maker". I've been making this thing for quite a while now, but I've actually completed it! It's amazing. I never expected to actually finish this thing. You can check out the game here: http://mmtlc.badlydigital.com/projectPrincess.html Or a version compiled for Flash 7, so it should work on the Nintendo Wii! http://mmtlc.badlydigital.com/projectPrincessLow.html
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Work, work

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Hurrah, I've found a new job! And it's more technical work than the government one! Well, it's with a small company that makes the touchscreen menu systems for restaurants. The systems that servers or hosts might use. I'm in the QA department, and we run lots of scripts to test stuff and find bugs and such. So, yay! On a side note, I can't seem to find the option to turn off the stupid mood indicator smiley now... blast. I don't know why I ever put one up in the first place. Eh, at least I'll change it.
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Hi, I'm not sure Chat requests alert you, so I'm leaving a comment here. If you're still on DA, please message me back! Thanks!

I love Project: Princess
Loved you comics when I was a kid, it brings back good memories finding it again
Deviantart tells me it's your birthday. Happy birthday, HJE-Cobra. I discovered you when I happened to stumble upon the brilliant sprite comics, Mega Man: The Lost Chronicles. Many school days I would go about reading those stories, such good childhood memories of a time where sprite comics were in their golden age.
sup, it's me Turbotowns2 from Kongregate. Thanks again.
I miss your Megaman: The Lost Chronicles. I mean, I found it, but, I wish it were still going because that was seriously awesome.

Other than that, Hi.
Thanks, but I just didn't have it in me to keep it going. It was better to end it rather than drag it out forever.

Besides, the Flash animated finale wouldn't have been made if it didn't end there. And that thing was fun.