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seduction loool

Cover for my BL comic.
Fisherman x merman.

Urashima Taro is a young fisherman, one day he met a distressed merman Arthesis on the beach, they eventually become a couple. Arthesis is curious about all human culture, and he is surprised how different humans mate from mermans.
And so, the fisherman gives the naive merman a nice sex education.
"How does it feels getting laid by a human?"
Having sex with a merman feels awesome! But dear Urashima seems to have forgotten something...

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Some preview here:… (WARNING: YAOI SECKS.)
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i rely LOVE merman yaoi. i wish i can buy it but i dont know how in chinese
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:iconmassiveblush: ah... oh my...
beautiful merman (Q///w///Q)
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This is awesome!
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amazing art love it....might get my friend (if she will) to translate into english so i can read ^^
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Beautiful work. I would love to read this if only it was in English. *sad face* But it looks wonderful!
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That detail tho!
I really really love thisLove 
Excellent job
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English version!

They're both so cute uwaaaa /u\
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If I weren't broke, I would've already tried to order a copy.
Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] 
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Awww, I wish this was available in English. I'd love to buy a copy. Your work is so lovely.
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There are no English ver. But I can make translated notes if you don't mind my noobish English lol

Thank you XDDD
Riku-of-Darkness's avatar
Awwww, your English isn't bad. If you'd do that, I'd love to get a copy! ^__^
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This looks amazing!!! I love the details and colors! :love: fav ^^
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unyaa:la::la: Veryy nicee,!!! cuteee!!BISHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abuse faved!!!!
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Such a beautiful background, and I adore you coloring! I also super love the emotion in the body language and facial expression. I'd love to read this. :XD:
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You are quite welcome! :D
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He just looks so desperate! I feel bad for him! lol Absolutely beautiful work though! 
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I have two very important questions! 
1) Is there / will there be an english version available?
2) Where can I get it? *-*

It looks gorgeous so I'd love to buy this book ^^
Either way. Many hugs! °(^o^)°
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1) There are no English ver. But I can make translated notes if you don't mind my noobish English lol
2)… It's my online shop, but if you don't know how to use this shopping store, you can contract me by mail or notes. You can use paypal.
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glad to see another pic of these two characters, because i liked the last one =D these two are so pretty~~ also i went to look at the preview. it looks great *___* uhhhhhh hopefully you'll make a way for people around the world to buy it... ;__;
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