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"He's back from the hell gate."

Illust for light novel Night Blade
You can see it here!…
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The fire effects in this piece are amazing! :)
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This is really cool! ^_^ 
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Wow, this is both haunting and mesmerizing. You have a real knack for detail and colors. Even the expression he's projecting is creepy. Well done on all accounts, you've earned my fav ^^
LittleRaccoony's avatar
Woah, that's so inspiring (*x*) I love it!!!!!!
ryukazaki's avatar
Tehee~ so cool~
TanoshiiGirl's avatar
This is spectacular! I love the fire!
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TanoshiiGirl's avatar
You're welcome! :D
burningrage8-13's avatar
He reminds me of Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts.
crazy4anime09's avatar
OMG! This looks amazing!!! I love the details! :love: fav ^^
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crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome! :heart: ^^
longestdistance's avatar
Great fire and lighting effects!
hizuki24's avatar
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This is stunning, love the colours and movement very much!   Would it ok for me for pin this and some of your brilliant art to my Pinterest boards?  The link would come back to here at all times. Thank you :)
MalignantlyBenign's avatar
That is pretty sweet!
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Uh my eyes melting..
Sakurako-Kobayashi's avatar
Wow great job on this artwork! I love all the details on the flames and lighting effects! ^^
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