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Estelle Bright

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A doodle I did on some ( retarded ) oekaki board )8
Can't save the file so I have to screencapped it.

I know it's crappy, but just to tell you that my website is ( almost ) done. (:
It's still pretty empty, so I'll keep the news low.

Estelle Bright from Sora no Kiseki! :D
Falcom --->[link]
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I love the style of this drawing.
This picthure just says:
Let's be friends for me :D
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wow...ver well drawn >w<!!!
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I love the perspective ;A; <3 Your style is gorgeous
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Looks like watercolour and ink. Pretty.
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Estelle Bright!!
Finally found another 空之轨迹 fans~XD
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Les couleurs sont superbes
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woooo water colored ^.^ Looks great. :D
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estelle-chan ~~

but i prefer her SC custom leh > <

anyway ! good job XD
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I actually like FC's lol
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FC 的故事真的是不管玩多少次都很感动 XD 完全无法预测剧情...
不像SC,故事有一定的规律性 ... 而且有点长 -.-

3RD快出了...不过我已经玩过了啦 XD
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Your site's pretty cool!
So is this drawing. =)
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Uhhhh................wow.....you call THAT a doodle?! Just.....wow.......too good xD
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I don't know the character, but there's something appealing about the unfinished feel of it. Bet you it could even be turned into a style.
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wow! I love the way the color hair! :love:
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Nice XD man you must teachme how to do a web page XD any good tutorials to recomand XD
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It looks pretty.
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wow i love the dimension lovely job :D
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i think it looks sooo cool,
the sketchy -ness of it is pretty.
She looks very relaxed!
great job!
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I wish I could read Japanese or get a Japanese translator. lol. I visited the Falcom site with the link you provided and it looks awesome:)

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It's pretty good for a doodle.
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