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Midnight Crew--Birthday
They don't really mention it.
Their birthdays, that is.
It was never a custom to celebrate the day of their creation back on Derse. It was just another day. Some of the commonfolk occasionally exchanged words about it—no more than a recognition of it to mark down one's age—but otherwise it passed by without much thought.
As Midnight City grew on Alternia, however, the citizens seemed to take a liking to the idea of celebrating the day. They exchanged gifts, they had parties, they got shitfaced because they felt they had some obligation to on their particular day. It grew as the city grew, until eventually everyone had forgotten of the quiet birthdays that had once been such a norm.
Not the Midnight Crew.
At least, not visibly.
The Crew treats every day as everyone does their birthday, so if there is any celebration, it's not obvious. They don't celebrate, though. In fact, Deuce and Boxcars have forgotten their birthdays.
But Slick and Droog remember.
For a silly reason. By so
:iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 25 8
SSxDD--Could Have Been
I could have been your world
I could have been your universe

Somehow you thought you'd make it.
It's ridiculous, you know. You should have expected to die on this severed moon drifting into the void, rigged to explode. There isn't much hope for escape. You're the Dignitary. You're rational. You're realistic. You should have seen it coming. But for some reason you didn't.
For some reason you thought you'd be able to kill these Derse dreamers and defuse the Tumor. For some reason you thought you'd drift back to a moonless planet and resume rule. For some reason the only thought in your mind was that you would win.
And now all you can think, as a broken sword sheers through your throat, is that the reason—what made you so stupidly optimistic, so determined—is him.
You sort of hate yourself for it, because you know that there is more to it than loyalty. The word that comes to mind is bitter and disgusting as it rolls along your tongue, refusing to be swallowed but refusing
:iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 12 11
Midnight Crew--Sort Of A Good Guy
He's up earlier than usual.
Slick is the type to be out cold until around noon, but when you walk into the small kitchen of the hideout at eight in the morning, he's sitting at the small dining table, back hunched with a steaming mug of coffee slowly cooling beside him. You raise an eyebrow and approach him, leaning over his shoulder with your hands behind your back.
He's scribbling something on a sheet of paper. There's no title on the sheet and his chicken-scratch is beyond you. You notice though that it's in a list format. Some things are scribbled out, about half of the scribbles supposedly having the words they conceal rewritten beside them. You can hear silent cusses escaping Sick's mouth as he thinks.
"You're up early," you say.
He jumps in his seat in the middle of your sentence. He covers the sheet of paper frantically with his arms and glares up at you. "Fucking hell, Droog, we're not on a goddamn heist. You can calm it with the sneaky bullshit."
You shrug nonchalantely and s
:iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 28 20
Mature content
SSxDD--Contact :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 16 22
Mature content
Midnight Crew--Hide and Seek :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 22 25
Fantroll: Chymri by Hiyume-chan Fantroll: Chymri :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 3 2
Mature content
Midnight Crew--Epilogue :5: :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 16 24
Mature content
Midnight Crew--Served :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 25 15
Mature content
Midnight Crew--Burn :4: :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 14 17
Cuestick Genius :FIC:
Diamonds Droog, contrary to his reputation, is not as he seems.
People will often tell you he is the brains of the Midnight Crew. He is calm, collected, and in control. When given an order, he takes care of it in a logical and intelligent manner. Some find his monotonous visage threatening, while others find it to be a comfort compared to the constant scowling of the Crew's leader or oblivious follow-orders-ask-questions-later stare of their demolitions expert. He has an impeccable taste in fashion and, possibly, other finer things. He seems like the kind of man who would be passionate about his interests, and who you wouldn't mind sitting down with for a nice chat, all alone.
That is a very bad idea.
Out of the four of these agents, Droog is the very last you will ever wish to encounter by your lonesome. Don't be fooled by his demeanor. It is all a very clever trick in hiding his true intentions. There is no kind heart inside this shell of a man—there never will be, and there nev
:iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 44 20
Mature content
Midnight Crew--Pendulum :3: :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 13 31
Mature content
Midnight Crew--Like Always :2: :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 16 3
Mature content
Works Well With Others-Track 5 :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 3 0
Mature content
Midnight Crew--Tick. Tock. :1: :iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 27 7
SPN--Warning Sign
(Chapter 5. Castiel's POV, s08e11)
He follows them for a few weeks. Doesn't bother them. Doesn't try to help. There isn't really anything to help with. They lay off on the hunting jobs for a while, grieving, trying to discover the meaning of that five digit number.
He's still not sure whether his appearance would help them. But he does stick around. Just incase they can't take it anymore. Just incase they fall and don't want to get back up again.
Just incase the dam breaks.
He failed to help Bobby, and now everyone is gone. All the brothers have is each other. But that faith in each other is crumbling and falling apart, like gravel between his fingers. Dean is hiding inside himself. Sam still hallucinates now and then. They're falling apart and there's nothing strong enough to make them whole again.
They drive back to the place they call home after a hunt. He's waiting on the porch when they drive in. He's invisible. Like always.
But there's something different about Dean. Something
:iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 4 5
SPN--Righteous Man
"And so it is written that the first Seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in Hell. As he breaks, so too shall it break."
Castiel looks down upon the Earth, his gaze flitting about its miniscule surface until he pinpoints a residence in the place the Humans call the West—a ramshackle house in South Dakota with a scrapyard rather than a garden in the back. Through the roof he finds what the Heavens have been looking for. Three men reside within. Bobby Singer, a retired Hunter. Sam Winchester, a man brought back from the dead.
And Dean Winchester, his brother. The man who brought Sam back. The man who sold his soul to a Demon in order to let the last of his family live again. The man who, a year from now, is prophecized to be dragged down to a Hell in which he does not belong.
The righteous man.
"That him?" A fellow Angel whispers in Enochian beside Castiel. Balthazar.
A pause.
"Why not just send us down to destroy the Demon that holds the fate of his s
:iconhiyume-chan:Hiyume-chan 6 3

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zabuza13cola = other half <3
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I don't actually post all of my work ('fic') here, mostly just what I feel like I guess. If anyone's interested, the first (and often only) place I post fic is on my writing blog, over here:

So I guess check it out/if you have a Tumblr, follow if you'd like?

I also take fic requests over there. Not at the moment, but soon, possibly. UuU

Anyway how are all of you doing? It's been a while.


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