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:iconhiyori-yamada:Hiyori-Yamada posted a status
I know that many will find my text ridiculous, but I do not care, they can hate me at will
I ... I'm really upset and sad about some recent things that are happening, both in real life and in virtual life itself
I do not have depression or anything, but i'm sad me too easily, so much that they say I'm unbearable, or boring for it, but ... I only have one question
You ... hate me or something like that?
Because I really do not understand the "prejudice" I get
For example, from the moment I stopped drawing furrys and ponys (But furrys drew seldom), many stopped to take an interest in me. As they really were not followers
I take an immense vacuum when I do some fanart post of something old or not so famous, or some WIP, Adopt, etc.
I know a lot of artists have 1/2 favorites compared to watchers who have
Just tell me, it's because I do not draw furry or pony? my style? the reason I draw on my cell phone? my age? draw anime? do not do or draw something interesting? or idk?
Because it really hurts, and it's also one of the reasons I'm crying. I may not answer some compliments, but this is really unusual and I do not know how to react. My idea initially was not defined  to points, but currently I really need it, I know they are not interested, and I'm sorry
I often have the will to die
My intimate motives, or family matters, are beside the point.

I'm sorry if I did something wrong .....

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ventorian Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018
nah you are fine, keep on being you.
Amaara-Jayn Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You didn't do anything wrong, I see your art is decent and it really is. I hope things will be better for you and you'll be okay
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