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Simple Recycle Bin 5.0

Hi there

This is a simple textbox that says how large your recycle bin is, and when you left click on it, it empties your bin :)
if you right click it opens your bin.

I wanted something like this,  but couldn't find one, so I made it myself. It is my first submission here.

I hope someone likes it :D (Big Grin) 

Update 2.0
-If you right click it opens your bin.
Update 3.0
-Small adjustments
Update 4.0
-added an option menu where you can choose if you have a delete warning or not 
Update 5.0
-Layout changes 

Please give it a Star! if you like it :) 
You need rainmeter for this to work, download it here:

Give it a point on the rainmeter subreddit!…

--------Updated it, its for all versions now (I actually understand it now lol)--------
Download button is for Windows 10 only, see my comment below to download the windows 7 or 8 rmskin via stack
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Hi mate! just found that when you restore something, it doesn't recalculate the size and item number

Yep, that does it.  Thanks.

I think this will fit in nicely... 

PS:  ...couldn't control myself and already tweaked the fonts to fit:  perfect.  This may even take up residence on my workstation desktop as well.

PPS:  The movable options popup makes it doubly nice for taskbar layouts. 

Thanks for sharing.
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doubly nice? aww yeah. 
And I think that the font is personal, I just happen to like Big Jhon ._. and it fits my desktop very well.

Have a nice day good sir
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Please give me some feedback :)
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