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Lay Out Launcher

Hi there

This is a little thing that makes choosing one of your layouts easy.
I have a gaming as well as a normal layout (performance)  and wanted to make it easier then how it normally is, so I made this. And why not just share it?

I hope you like it!

Give it a +fav and some feedback if you like it or if you have questions.

Please read the txt files after installation!

check my other deviations DeviantArt out Simple Recycle Bin and Spotify track icon.
and give the reddit post a point… toggle between no layout and layout (new)

or if you want to check out my steam account, here you go:…
Feel free to donate on:  PayPal.Me/CatsPayPal
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your skin removed all my other skins and when i load them back they are positioned in default place. what the hell!

if i want to open more then one  LayOutLauncher.ini with different  name how can I DO THAT?
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simply copy/paste  everything with a title that has a number (like "clickbox1" or "Layout1") and rename add 1 to the number then change the "y" in both "Text4" and "Clickbox4" (to the same value).
I think that should work. keep me updated and if you have any more questions, be sure to ask :)
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I cannot get the third layout to work. I removed all the semicolons ahead of the code for the third layout. It shows the box and text for the third layout but clicking the box does nothing.
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Thanks for bringing attention to that :) I updated the skin and it should work now. If you have more question please ask them

and be sure to add this skin to your favorites :) 
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It works great now. Thank you!
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Am still a noob, just downloaded rainmeter a couple days ago. Love this idea, was looking for it in the beginning.
I tried to follow your instructions, but got lost at the "Editing Part". 
I have named the two different layouts as Gaming(For Gaming) and Blank(used to save battery).
In the when I am in the editing of Layout what do i need to change?
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If you want a button that toggle hides the skins, I have this thing for you, there is a readme file, everything should be clear.  Toggle My Layout by HiWouterHere   If you have any other questions you can msg me on twitter via (not that active on deviantart)
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All good, found out how.
Love the the button, use it all the time now.
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Mind giving me watch for future projects and a lil star here? ^^would be awesome
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Hey amazing skin I've legit been looking everywhere for this exact skin im so thankful you made it!

quick question how do I go about moving it wherever i want on the screen cause rn its only allowing me to move in a small little space
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I do believe that you just have to change the x and y values in the .ini file, I'll be happy to help you more if you need it.
Have a nice day!

(also, add this skin to your favourites ><)
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Sorry, Im a noob but is there a way to close rainmeter by clicking on 'Gaming'? :/
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Made this new skin for you <3  Toggle My Layout by HiWouterHere   be sure to add it to your favourites! dancing-cat emoji dancing-cat emoji 
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This is awesome, great work! 
Quick question. Is there a way to change the color of the launcher bar?
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Just add ImageTint=255,255,255,255 in button.ini under the image meter [ButtonImage], to change the opacity of the image add ImageAlpha=255 (where 0 is invisible to 255 which is opaque), ImageAlpha will override ImageTint. 

Please be sure to add this skin to your favourites,
Have a nice day
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Alright cool

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this passed 5000 views :0 thank you sooo much <3
hey im probably just being an idiot, but im new to rainmeter and I cannot figure out how to use this skin. When I run the skin, A white bar appears. clicking the bar shows "gaming" and "normal" options, but clicking the boxes beside these options makes the options disappear and seemingly doesnt do anything. Would you mind explaining exactly how to use this skin? Also, by "layout", are you referring to the standard windows icons, rainmeter skins, or both? Thanks and sorry for being a dumbo
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I'll try to explain as good as possible :) 
→ Make a rainmeter Lay-Out, do this by going to the <Layouts> menu in rainmeter… - Fill in the <Name> box en click <Save>, You'll now see your saved layout in the <Saved LAyouts> box

→ Now change whatever you want (regarding rainmeter) on your desktop and do step 1 again.

→ Go the <skins> tab in rainmeter en click on <Edit> when your have selected <LayOutLauncher.ini>…

→ You should now be in your "edit program" (I use Notepad++), now just simply follow the green instruction at the top of the file. (Under [variables] change the LayOut1=Wouter_Gaming to LayOut1 =--However you named your first Layout--. LayOutName1 = Gaming shows what you see on screen (Gaming here))…

→ Now just simply save the file and reload the skin

If you have any question please ask it! Have a nice day!
this is sick do u have paypal for donations?
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