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KamenriderInfinity10's avatar
You gave her the screen time she deserves
deviantfan16's avatar
Don't worry May, you're just realizing there beauty
SeiuchiKing's avatar
She was cute. I hope we get to see her again.
kylemon73's avatar
Port "welcome everyone and before we begin we'll be starting with a special class outing... so ms may, if you would like to explain to everyone why you a lesbian."
SeiuchiKing's avatar
That's hilarious.
1hyrulewarrior's avatar
Hilarious, who's butt is that in the top panel? Great work.
NightrunnerXM's avatar
Emerald' least, judging by the twin hair tails. I dunno of anyone else who's got 'em, at least. :shrug:
1hyrulewarrior's avatar
Good call, dunno how I missed it.
NightrunnerXM's avatar
Probably the lack of her weapons, since she normally holsters them there at the small of her back, would be my guess. I had to go check her character turnaround to be certain, and that also told me why they'd been removed for that panel. They obscured the view. :)
CrawlerEnder935's avatar
Adorable! That's ALL I have to say abut this!!!
Groomsman's avatar
It's okay to be gay. When it comes to you, it looks cute.
Ryukario64's avatar
I feel a disturbance in a AU that she will be the HAREM YURI KING!!!!!!
ThoughtsandWonders's avatar
Don't you mean Queen?
Ryukario64's avatar
nah i think over lord :P
Spartan117qz's avatar
Adorable... that is all.
Minagi-Mikoto's avatar
I want more screen time for her now!
LongSean22's avatar
Awww. Poor May.

Very cute though.
Neo9000X's avatar
Oh dear this could be a problem😨
Windwolf39's avatar
Sanae94's avatar
Perfect graphic deffinition of the negation phase and how truth slaps your face when you try to deny it xDDDDDDDD Hilarious!!!
0mura2's avatar
I would love to see more adventures of May please XD
little-Yellow's avatar
Holy Mother of Cthulhu ... I love this ship and its the first picture of it I found °.° Okay Okay I did not find it ... it was showed to me but ... I don't care! Its mine now! *Grabs and go away*
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