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Lots of pixelart and pixelart related stuff happening as we get closer to the project I backed getting closer to being finished (I think it is still a way off yet). The project is PixelArt Academy. At the moment there are a couple of daily challenges to do as an intro to the way PixelArt Academy is going to work. In addition, they suggested joining the pixel dailies challenge on twitter to get things going on a regular basis. So I've been doing both of those right now. Even when life tries to take over, I've been trying to make sure I do the pixel dailies, even if they are small and goofy. There will be more to come on that front!

Hope y'all are well and making amazing art! xox
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So I got 40 days into the daily warm-ups using PhotoShop and each day I was increasingly aware of how much of my time they were taking up. I know the aim was an hour, but I found I was spending a lot more doing it. It was a fun experiment and I could see some improvement, but time is becoming more precious and not to mention I am already half way through another 365 project.

My projects for this year are:
365 icons based on various different themes
Visual diary (drawings to capture mood or events rather than writing)
PixelArt style world travel map
Start up #1GAM again
Complete 1 watercolour painting a month
Do 1 photomanipulation/photo bashing a month

Sounds like a lot... We shall see how it all turns out around March or so. Ha!

Peace, love and bullet-proof marshmallows my friends.
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Daily Warm-ups

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I've never really had much of a warm-up routine, maybe some times I'll sketch out some figures or doodle on a piece of paper, but not much else. Recently I've been thinking more about doing something as a regular warm-up and that's when I came across AuraHack's youtube channel for daily warm-ups. She creates super cool images and shares time-lapses of creating the images. I like her style which is loose and totally the opposite of my own. I also like that the videos show how she works and builds an image through layers. So I thought I would take this inspiration and use it in making my own daily warm-ups. I've been doing this for 16 days so far and I can see that I have such a long way to go, but I can see some progression already. I'll continue to share these warm-up pieces (the good and the bad (mostly bad)) on DA, but also on a tumblr account. I've already been playing with creating some of my own brushes to work with (never created my own brush before) and learning to not get so tied up with details for shadows and highlights at the beginning. It's also been a good challenge to think about composition and how to lead the eye around the image.
Hopefully this will be a habit that I can hold on to for a while and develop some new skills at the same time.
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