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Sai2 ScatterPack

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This is my new pack of scatter-brushes for Paint Tool Sai 2.
Requres Paint Tool Sai 2  29/07/2019 or later
Just copy Scatter folder to your Sai-folder.

Buy now for initial lower price and get free update later!

You can zoom the picture to see, how strokes look,
or watch short video, to see em in action:

Planned: more grass/leaves, hairs/fur, 1 stamp with wet spots, 2 bristles, may be clouds, few scatter presets for regular brushes.
If you have ideas/requests — feel free to write em down to comment section!

Сheck other cool packs:

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I use SAI2 and I tried to put this into the folder but it didn't do anything

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thank you so much for this!

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Where can I download these brushes? I wasn`t able to find the link

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click on the download icon

Kameneva2017's avatar

I did click it and it downloaded only picture and nothing else

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I would actually like to add/purchase these but I am unsure of where to do that or how much these are
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Do you believe this could also work with Fire alpaca? 
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AFAIK textures can be adapted (invert->luminance to alpha) and used as Alpaca`s stamps.
But brushes should be tuned from scrach, perhaps.
So it worth to buy only if you can do it all authomatically.
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Amazing, but I have a question, where can I buy/get Sai 2? I've only seen the original.
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The license is common for Sai1 and Sai2, so if you have one, It allows to use Sai2 too (make new licence file with system ID from Sai2). If you don`t  — purchase it from official site.
You can download Sai2 from official site:…
This «technical preview» is a fresh version and work very well. Without licence it will not allow to save project files as I remember.
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Thank you for the info :meow:
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Little demonstration, Fur1, Grass1, MappleLeaf1 and Medusa brushes:
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