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Depths - Sai Brush-textures pack

8 june 2016
Little update. Only filenames (and configs) was updated.
If someone like to use inverted and main texture in one folder.

So here my new Pack!

After hours of working, rendering, converting, checking…
Each character and object on this picture is made with one textured brush and simple round brush a little.
I drew them just because brushes are awesome and I wanted to be first, who try them in real drawind, not just scratching strokes for test.

The second. Textures are made mostly for using as Brush forms (blotmaps).
You can try three of them for free. Here they are

You can use  hotate.exe for installation demos. Instruction is there.

If you had purchased  pack, please read the instruction inside archive. I am emphasize it, because everyone, who had issues with my previous pack, didn`t read it carefully.

Aslo check my first awesome Texture pack 54: so many people like it!
You can learn how to use textures with Sai here

I had added inverted versions of textures for all, who want to use them as brushtex.
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When these look amazing but you have no points (cries)
Caiobella's avatar
so I downloaded the brushes before you added the inverted versions, can I still get the inverted types?
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
Yes, you can download again new pack. Inverted are inside
Caiobella's avatar
Awesomeness ,  thank you
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
MisterYoshiandwatch's avatar
oh yeah i just need to get 100 points Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
-gud draws-
Kinkyfolk's avatar
Не знаю куда они нужны, но купил на сдачу с 54 пака, спасибо!
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
Они хороши неплохи для имитации традиционной зернистости и всяких резкошершавых поверхностей.
Камни, ржавчина, штукатурка, грязь. Делал их в дополнение, так как 54-пак больше на мягкие и средние материалы расчитан и не был расчитан на использование Brushdorm
JevJevlin's avatar
YUUUUSH, YUUUUUSH! I could buy it! Thank you soooo much! *o* I'll try it as soon as possible.
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
You are welcome, dear!
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
So I am waiting 2 more customers, and then the price will start to raise slowly
Dragoreon's avatar
I liked how the first two depth brushes looked like, I'm interested on seeing how they work!
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
Dep from 1 to 4 may look very different depending on how soft you are applying them and how much layers and colours used.
Also you can see how they look as hardbrush on the contours of animals. It is the same brushes (s-size), very hard, with maximum intensity and without transparency.

My first pack was made mostly with simple one-layered textures. And for this brushes I had choosen another conception: multilayered and complex.
Just because I am using them too.

Also they all looks great with standart paper texture (as layer texture).

Only one advice for good looking: apply the same texture only in one way: from dark to light or from light to dark. It will keep em sharp.
Dragoreon's avatar
You've done a good job here! :D
I've already tried them and I love them! :love:
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
Thanks for reply!
Very good!
Caiobella's avatar
ClearClanEchoStar's avatar
There cute drawings !
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
Feel free to leave a comment!
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So I have a question. When I used it it's like, inverted. Like on the worms instead of coloring the worms it colors around the worms, do you know if there is a way I can fix this or is it actually supposed to be like that and I'm just not thinking striaght?
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
I am sure, you are using them like textures. But they designed for blotmaps.
Sai using Blotmaps and textures inverted to each other.

But I'll try to make inverted pack.
VentingClown's avatar
Ohhh okay that explains it, thank you very much.
Hitryi-Pryanik's avatar
I'd updated with inverted pack. You can download it now!
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