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Oh man, it's fanart, lol.

Sasuke and Madara are supposed to be on Kyuubi's head lol. And Naruto is on one of the cropped up rocks. You can kinda see them in the big picture lol. XD

Oh, and as you can see, Naruto no longer has Kyuubi inside of him so instead of the whisker lines on his cheeks they are replaced with scars lol.

And also, failure @ drawing Kyuubi. XD I gave it a try though.

So.. yeah... Hope you like it. XD

Download for full version. = D
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I can see the effort you put into this and need to say that you did a great job! :D How much time did you need to finish it? :?
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Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you like it. It took about around 2 hours, I think.
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wow, that's a pretty long time :-O but it was worth it :D
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man that is just incredible. must have taken forever to ink and color. it just shines. i love it.
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Hey, thanks a bunch! Yeah, the background took a while, especially those trees on the mountains
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Animals are hard to draw. Don't worry, you'll get better. That would be an epic set-up. We should kidnap the author and have him write it.
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Animals are pretty hard to draw, and I really don't draw them enough. Glad you like it though. = D And we should. Like ninja. Redundantly.
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