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The Five Kages

A bit of fanart. yay.

I know Danzou was supposed to be in this, but I don't like Danzou so he can go jump off a cliff. Very nice.

I wanted to draw Tsunade, and so I did. yay.
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i hatted Danzo also i half cheered when he dies. i always wanted to know what tsunade would have done if she had been there insead of danny. I know she woulda fought i would kill to see that tear
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Really nice work on this piece man. Tsunade works better for the balance of this piece.

I don't accept Danzou as Hokage till Naruto does. But he is an excellent example of pure Ninja.
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Yup, having Danzou in this would not look right, not with this set up.

Thank you ^^
Five Leaders against Madara!
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Yup yup! Thanks! ^^
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yea i agree! he should totally jump off a cliff. i bet the raikage made the cliff tho. seeing as he likes to smash things! lol the poor walls ><;
this is awesome! the kages are kickass! love them all speccially gaara coz hes a used to be insomniac with issues...... >.> i didnt say nuffin....
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Yaay for junking Danzo! :dance: That jerk's totally freaking me out. :steaming:
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XD Thanks, and thanks for the fave. =D
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Great pic! Faved.
As for Danzo, jump off a cliff? No, we need a far worse death for the King of pricks.
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Thanks. =D And ack, you are right. Falling off a cliff is not suitable, is it? Ah well XD
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Nice :D
The concept is pretty good and your ink work is well handled
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I'm in total 100% agreement regarding Danzo. Tsunade is suppose to be there at the meeting, not Danzo. Darn you, Kishimoto. :shakefist:

Anyway, nice art showing the five kages. Good idea to put the two ladies next to each other with the Raikage towering over all of them. :thumbsup:
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Thanks a lot. =D I'm really glad you like it. Xd
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Awesome Kages are awesome.:D
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YEAH ! Danzou is bad ! Tsunade is wonderful ! :love:
Your drawing is beautiful.
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Yay! Thank you =D
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Where Is Donzu?

I Like It :+fav:
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I dun like Donzou, so I didn't add him. XD I wanted to draw Tsunade with the cool peoples. dx

And thank you =D
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