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Pocket Monsters XY

Art Director Sugimori gave me the all clear to tell everyone, so I finally get to make a few announcements about work that I have been doing recently.

I had a hand in the new 3DS game "Pocket Monsters XY". Specifically, I designed some new Pokemon! (listed below)
- Pangoro
- Inkay
- Malamar
- Honedge
- Doublade
- Aegislash
- Tyrunt
- Tyrantrum
- Amaura
- Aurorus

I've actually been doing video game work for quite a while now (over two decades), including projects for things like PCE, MD, and SFC. Apparently the Pokemon art director, Sugimori, had taken notice of some of my past work and that's why he asked me if I'd be interested in doing some design work for Pokemon XY.

So in some ways, designing Pokemon for XY was like an extension of my days of drawing monsters for "ActRaiser 2" and "Beyond Oasis". I am a Pokemon Trainer as well as an illustrator, so needless to say I was incredibly honored and pleased to have this opportunity.

I just thought the Pokemon XY players following me might find this information interesting!





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AimeePenguins's avatar

great job on aurorus and tyrantrum, my guy!

two very underrated fossils, imo

MelanieDirge's avatar
Great job on the Fossil pokemon and my favourite Kalos steel type (Aegislash) :D 
GameArtist1993's avatar
Mr Ariga, your Pokemon pictures are so awesome that I want to make my own Pokemon!
Lordofdragonss's avatar
Thank you for Existing - Allmost all mons you have made are my favorites!
ZatchZ's avatar
This is my whole team.
latin3com's avatar
I really love all the pokemons you did! Mega Beedrill is pretty cool too, man! I really really hope you'll do more pokemons for future generations ;)
You're my favourite official pokemon designer! Malamar is my favourite pokemon from gen 6
Jai-Ti's avatar
Seriously awesome! :D
SonicTheHedgehog4454's avatar
This was featured on Bulbapedia!
LittleFireDragon's avatar
Thank you for making my favorite fossil pokemon yet. :) I have an aurorus on my OR team and a tyrantrum on my X team. They're both beautiful.
And especially thank you for making a pokemon based on such an obscure dinosaur as amargasaurus.
DeaththeTeenObraSM's avatar
I'm a serious fan of the Inkay line, having designated it as my number 1 favorite. The other X/Y newcomers that you designed were amazing! Aegislash is a definite fan-favorite, and I enjoyed seeing more fossil Pokémon that are dinosaurs. Rampardos and Bastiodon were cool, and the ones you added raised the bar for fossil Pokémon further than that. I definitely approve of your creations, and I really can't thank you enough for Malamar.
Buijesty's avatar
So you're telling me that some of my favorite Pokemon in existence were made by you? I give you my eternal gratitude and I must say it really does seem like an honor to be asked by the makers of Pokemon to design some Pokemon for the actual series! :D Should there be a seventh generation I really hope that you get a shot at making some of your own designs for new Pokemon again. :)
HuntraG94's avatar
you did a badass job on the pokemon you drew up for X and Y ^_^ Inkay ,Malamar, Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash, Tyrunt , Tyrantrum, Amaura, and Aurorus
have to be some of my favorite designs for the game and I hope nintendo uses you again for the next game^_^
sickboyrawrs's avatar
So you bassically designed the most badass pokemon in XY= Aegislash and it's shiny form. Amazing. Waiting for more incredible Pokemon in 7yh gen. Maybe you can do a lil bit of research of the creatures based in peruvian myths, there a quite a few great ideas!
CurlyTopEarl's avatar
holy fucking shit it must be a huge honor to be asked by sugimori himself to do designs for pokemon x and y I'm so proud that you had that opportunity!
KirbyTardos's avatar
Awesome! Honedge is my favorite Generation VI Pokemon!
MrDesignWalker's avatar
I need a dolphin-Pokémon in Gen 7 please!!
SonJessica's avatar
Pangoro looks pretty awesome! Plus, I love Inkay and Amaura/Amaurus's designs.  They make me want to have a plushie of each of them right now!
Flyffel's avatar
Good designs. I especially like Inkay and Malamar.
Hello Hitoshiariga Sensei .  Is 7th generation pokemon starting design and develop now ?
procon-8's avatar
Even if he was working on that, knowledge like this is under NDA, and he would NEVER tell you anyway unless he wants to get sued and lose his job.
Can you give us some hint of 7th generation pokemon  . Thanks :happybounce: 
Lunar-Kuto's avatar
I use Pangoro and Aegislash in my Pokemon X team. I wouldn't have beaten the Elite Four without them, I didn't know that you were the person behind those Pokemon?!

Thank you!!
TakeruDavis's avatar
Aegislash is absolutely awesome, but my most favorite is Amaura. He is so cute, I dont think I will ever have the heart to evolve it him.
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