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My Finished Triquetra Tattoo

Here Is My Finished Tattoo

I Had It In A Deep Purple Colour :)

The Symbol Is Personal To Me + Is Called A Triquetra or Trinity.

It Symbolises My Irish Descendents

The 3 Parts Harmonise Body Brain and Soul

It May Need Touching Up But I Won't Know For A Couple Of Days Yet

It Didnt Hurt Anywhere Near As Much As I Thought It Would And Im Pleased With The Result :)

The Sumbol Is Ancient, But I Altered It Slightly To Suit Me. Please Don Not Copy and Ask My Permission Before Using My Design.

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If You Copy My Work For Any Reason Or Use Anything Without Asking Me I WILL Report You. This includes Desktops and ScreenSavers as well as taking my actual Photographs by Copying And Pasting. Please Respect Art And The Artist. Do Not Copy. Thank You.
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towlie36's avatar
=O good place to place it =) it looks like it pops out of the skin xD
Hitomii's avatar
thanks :D thats really cool :D
Dark-Artic's avatar
It looks great!
Hitomii's avatar
aw thank you :D
Forget2Heal's avatar
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! It looks really really good!! I like it alot. I'm getting my next one done either next month or the following month!!!
Hitomii's avatar
have u had your second tattoo yet? im waiting till Christmas maybe even next summer for my next one cus im at university now :)
Forget2Heal's avatar
not yet I actually just found out not too long ago that I'm pregnant again so hopefully all goes well this time around. It was a big surprise since my boyfriend and I were using condoms. *shrug* It happens. I'm gonna get my Celtic Cross done on my lower back after I have the baby so I can put his or her (hopefully HIS) name in it and get that one started and I'm also gonna get my nose pierced.
Hitomii's avatar
aww wow! congratulations sweetheart! i hope that everything goes well this time round for you. Yeah even with protection these things happen, or maybe it was meant to be :) wow that all sounds really great :) good luck with it all and keep in touch :hug: x
Forget2Heal's avatar
Thank you very much!! I will definately!!
very cool tattoo. I was looking for something small but for like my side so it can be hidden to most and to my parents hehe. Getting mine done in about 3 years.
Hitomii's avatar
sounds good :) yeah do what i did, write down all ur ideas but go with the smallest first. if you like it u can always get things added to it afterwards :)
thanks for the tip will do.
Windsfantasy's avatar
Hitomii's avatar
Cheers my friend :)
kitchan333's avatar
That's a really attractive little purple tatt there. My friend recently got a tattoo on the base of his neck. It's so interesting to watch people get inked. I don't think I'd ever get one myself, though. Piercings are more my thing, it seems. Hehe... I got my first ones about a month ago. It's pretty addicting, I think. :3
Hitomii's avatar
i got addicted. had a ton up my ears. still got 6 on them now and my belly button, that hurt the most lol
my tattoo is quite small, i could never have anything really big. i think everyone should get inked once even if its really tiny :)
kitchan333's avatar
Hehe... I definitely want to get more on my ears. I probably won't get inked, though. =P
bagelomletfairy's avatar
oooo thats nice! my mom just got a tatto a few days ago :) im to young to get a tatto im only 14 so when im able to im going to get one :D
TheBodyArtist's avatar
Do you have a photo of your mums tattoo?

This is hitomii on my Tattoo account ;) lol

Glad you like my tat :D thanks!
bagelomletfairy's avatar
yeah I could take a pic. of it if you like :D
Elitany's avatar
Heheh.. I bought a triquetra pendant the other day too, but yours looks better in purple. :aww:
Hitomii's avatar
aw thank you :)
jjota's avatar
i like your back :aww:
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