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Butterfly and Vine Foot Tattoo

This is a Foot Tattoo that I designed. I got this done on my foot with Henna so I can see what it looks like on my skin.

I have wanted a Foot Tattoo for many months and cannot decide on my final design. Sometimes henna or even eyeliner is a good way of seeing how proper ink would look on your skin :)

I am hugely into Tattoos and Body Art. Check my gallery for images of my ink and tattoo designs by me.

Please DO NOT Take any of my images or designs without asking me first. Thank you.

:bulletblue: Please Full View :)


Thanks in advance for all your comments :) And thanks in advance to those of you who fave :+fav: my images.
I appologise I am not always able to thank everyone individually, but I appreciate every single persons support for my work.

My Gallery and All Work is Copyrighted ©2004-2009 Hitomii (Sabrina Elizabeth Hackett Photography) All rights reserved. None of my work is photo manipulated so please don't ask me if it is. I'm proud to be a nature photographer of the natural occurring wonders of this world.
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Jul 7, 2009, 10:57:50 AM
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mi-l-ka's avatar
wooow, great! may work as inspiration for my tattoo ;)
Hitomii's avatar
Its rad but Ive always liked old school roses on a girls feet.
Hitomii's avatar
I do like roses :) but its just a very common tattoo that women have so I want something a little different ;) Thanks for the comment
xcommandercrazyx's avatar
I LOVE IT!!! but the lines are a little bit to thick.
Hitomii's avatar
Did you read my description? This is a henna tattoo so I can see what it would look like really, and henna is sadly very thick to apply so a real inked tattoo would be much thinner :)

Thaks for the comment :)
Random101Girl's avatar
wow thats an awesome design, are you gonna get any colour in it?
Hitomii's avatar
Thank you :)

I'm not sure, I was going to have the leaves in green and the rest in black, the flowers and butterfly would probably contain colour but im not sure yet :)
Random101Girl's avatar
awesome, well half coloured and half black would look awesome, not like most peoples cz most people either have just plain black or all of it coloured in
Hitomii's avatar
yeah i agree :D Thanks
zider-red's avatar
looks like it might be quite painful to have done, not much fat or muscle on that part of the body.
A lovely design though :)
Hitomii's avatar
Yeah *cringe* haha, I have tattoos all over my body except for my foot, I've been told different things about foot tattoos.

I'm glad you like my design :) thanks for commenting :)
i have a few tattoos. i have a peace sign with blossoms made of ivy covering the base of my foot. hurt like a bitch. worth it-looks awesome. but hurt the most
zider-red's avatar
you're very welcome :)
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
I like this, but I would place it a little lower on the foot so that it flows with the natural curve of your body. Start at the base of the large toe (where the bump is) and curve it a bit more and have it end where it ends now. I think if you add a little curve to it you'll find yourself running out to get it inked!!!
Hitomii's avatar
Yeah I know what you mean, follow the edge of my foot and then let it end across my toes at the top of my foot?
I have four designs that I keep playing with but I liked this one the best so got the henna to show myself what it would look like lol :)
Thanks a lot for the advice :)
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
The henna is a great idea for testing the waters. I used to just draw mine on with a marker to see if I liked the idea. :giggle: This is a nice design that has a classic feel to it that I don't think you'll ever 'out grow'.
Hitomii's avatar
hehehe :giggle: cool :) I've used eyeliner before too :)

Thanks I'm glad you like it :)
Hitomii's avatar
Thank you very much :)
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