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Baskerville by hitokirivader Baskerville by hitokirivader
For this experimental typography project for ART 244, we were encouraged to use only type of a single typeface for each square composition and were not allowed to use any imagery or color. This time the goal wasn't so much to sell the font but more to showcase the flexibility of its use. We started out creating fifty thumbnail sketches and then selecting about twenty of them to make comps. Seventeen of mine went to print into my book, but I'm only uploading a selection that I feel was completely original. We had to use any or all of the following text:

"Legibility and readability are commonly used words in the world of type. Legibility refers to the readerís ability to easily recognize letterforms and the word forms built from them. (We donít read from recognizing one letter at a time, but by recognizing the shapes of whole words and phrases.) Readability refers to the facility and comfort with which the text can be comprehended. Text with good readability must also be legible, but mere legibility doesnít make text more readable. A book is more likely to be a ďpage turnerĒ if its type is pleasantly readableóbadly set type wears a reader out."

This piece used the typefaces of Baskerville Regular and Semibold.
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January 3, 2006
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