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Hatsune Miku 1

Hatsune Miku yay Vocaloid lolz
yup, another speed painting, here's the link

lineart done by :iconayanna-chan:

colors me, obviously

[EDIT] Oh well, it has been brought to my attention, that ms nayanna-chan actually got this somewhere else (that actually explains a lot)
so here is the original [link]
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yet another sweet miku 
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I found on youtube that speed painting video and I had to find this image. so cool O.O
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isn't it on the description? :)
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that explains A LOT, really
lemme edit this
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dasda i only wnated to show to you the original pic >o<
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n_n oh that's okay
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i love this one ^^

((sorry for the late reply i dont have internet at the moment, im at school now))
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aw thanks ^^ ur lineart is awesome too

lol not a prob
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My fav after Kaito! It's nicely done, Shin!
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and you have doubts we're brothers XP although I've never actually seen this Kaito
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Aww you can always ask our Uncle Goo-goo, 'Google'.

I never doubt you as my sweet lil bro, dear. I just doubt you as my long lost twin...

Geez.. my dad must have had a lot of escapade back then when he's young...
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lol that would be awkward, twins with diffrent mothers (possible thanks to human cloning program)
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Ahh... those days on that stupid water tank... How come I didn't remember any of our sweet times there? (Though I'm glad I didn't).
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lol I'm trying to figure out what the hell we were talking about hihihi
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wow... this is sooo aweesome!
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awesomeness. I love the colors. =)
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