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I've been meaning to do this for literal years, but I finally wrote myself some actual info pages about free requests and paid commissions! I linked them to my profile, too, but here they are one more time:

I'm sure you noticed already, but I'm not hosting either of the pages on dA for now. That's just because Eclipse makes formatting anything right now pretty pointless, as we don't know how badly it will eventually wreck the whole site. You can still make orders through dA if you want to! And accessing the info pages doesn't require for you to log into anything or anything like that, so even if clicking a link instead of just seeing something right away is a liiiitle bit inconvenient, I'm sure we can all manage.

These are some of the example images I've used in the commission page, meaning works like these are something you could commission yourself:

TWWM Elsie Speedpaint by hitodama89 TWWM Weary Speedpaint by hitodama89 Vetehi Nakki Speedpaint by hitodama89
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