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The Special Ones

...I did it. It's finished. Even it took three weeks and something like 80 hours (!!!) I really drew all of the pokémon teams I have ever used in my games. It's 54 characters in one picture there. My previous record was 10 characters. And they were all just normal canines. Zomg.

So aah, what could I say about this now, when I have already stared this for so long time... Well, I could give you a couple of sketches! They are pretty, um, interesting things to see. XD
[link] [link]
The first one is the one I mainly used and the second one contains details, that I wanted to sketch a bit more for one reason or another. You just gotta love especially the first pic. It looks purely professional.

I must admit that I'm a little bit proud of this whole mess. Yeeees I know there would be a lot to improve, but still. So could you please just be polite and let me be happy for a while? ^^' I have already nazied myself enough about the perspective, shadows and other stuff, so now I would just like to be happy that I don't need to draw anything anymore. No more group pictures for me in another five years, please!

And the rest of this description is about uuh aah pokémon details, so anyone not interested in them can happily skip the whole thing!

I was just a tiny kid when playing my first Pokémon game - I knew nothing about playing in general and could understand something like two words of English. Considering this (and all the major problems I faced in the game...) I actually managed to collect quite decent team for myself!
Charizard (CHAR/CHARI?) - male - The striped and old looking lizardon, who I accidentally nicknamed and afterwards renamed back into just plain CHARIZARD. That time I could not understand the wrongness of cheating, so I fed him a bunch of cloned Rare candies to make him grow quickly to Lvl. 100. That's why he has stretch marks on his wings: he was forced to grow too fast. ;__;
Gyarados - male - The blue one, obviously. Looks a bit goofy, 'cause he stayed as magikarp for way too long. I didn't know how to take him out of daycare. XP
Raichu - female - The left one, who is holding her baby pikachu. (These kind of relationships are of course just my imagination.)
Pidgeot - male - The one at right side of his mate, the another pidgeot.
Dugtrio - female - I just love the idea of girly dugtrio! XD They are usually seen just ugly and worthless pieces of ---, but my diggers has long eyelashes and bitchy attitude. This is the one at right.
Mewtwo - The confused clone'mon sitting on the top of kyogre.

Probably the dullest of all the main series games. I just used the 'mons that the game offered you, plus a couple of those I already had used once in Blue. Oh this idiotism.
Pikachu - male - The son of two raichu at the center of the pic. The smallest pokémon of this whole group!
Charizard - male - The one who is trying to scorch flying birdies.
Blastoise - male - I have no idea is he arguing with feraligatr or are they just playing rock-paper-scissors. I prefer the last option, though. It sounds nicer.
Venusaur - male - This smaller-than-average plantsaurus is the father of meganium next to him.
Pidgeot - female - The one who is somehow flying upside down...
Dugtrio - female - Another bitchy mole, the one at the left.

The old favorite game of mine. <3 Even I liked this game sooo much, I actually never built a proper team on it. I really can't remember why.
Meganium - female - The first and only pokémon I have trained to Lvl. 100. She is the one who has roserade sitting on her back and she is the mother of that another meganium.
Tyranitar - male - The angry, dark looking fellow, who apparently has some interest on another pseudo-legendary, dragonite.
Gyarados - male - You should never underestimate the coolness of red gyarados! He is actually the only shiny I have ever had in my team.
Scyther - female -Well, she never was really a part of my fighting team: she was actually my false swiper for catching pokémon. But there weren't six 'mon in my main team, so she can fly there for now. Because of her job the tips of her blades are blunted a bit.
Lugia - Using legendaries in team was sooo cool. It really was. Oh those days.
Ho-Oh (HOUOU) - I hated the 'mon's English name so much, that I nicknamed him HOUOU. XD

...oh God do really I need to reveal these nicknames to you? Do I? Do I? I guess I do. And mention that I really thought they were the coolest thing ever, too.
Feraligatr (WATERBEAST) - male - I've never liked feraligatr, but I had to choose him in order to get totodile in my Silver's pokédex. (I eventually got all but mew and celebi on it!) Sad to say, but I kind of hated him a lot.
Lapras (OCEANBEAM) - male - The true water-type of my team. He, in other hand, I adored. He is the one at right.
Houndoom (FIREBREATH) - female - Because of lapras I fell in love with dual-types, so I took this hellhound in my team, too.
Graveler (GIANTROCK) - male - Hmm, why I didn't make him evolve..? I really don't remember anymore.
Noctowl (NIGHTWISH) - female - The weirdest thing with this fellow is that I'm pretty sure her name has nothing to do with the Nightwish-band. But oh well, can't be 100 % sure anymore.
Raichu (SHOCKWAVE) - male - The proud father of the pikachu, sitting at the right side of his beloved family.

And so the devolution happened - with me and with the game. Even I love the 3rd gen pokémon I never understood why they took away the clock and the animated sprites. I personally took away nicknames and normal pokémon. Legendaries were here again, ugh.
Blaziken - male - Even he looks nice and innocent in this pic, he is the most badass pokémon I ever had - in the game and in my imagination. Hanging with god-like 'mon made him to think he is superios creature as well, I guess. AND HE IS MY FAVORITE STARTER EVER. Period.
Manectric - male - Also a bit too self-centered being, who seems to have some weird love-hate-gay-relationship with luxray. He is a good friend and a partner in crime of blaziken.
Mightyena - male - Not-so-scary and maybe even a bit slow-minded doggie. He is nice and friendly creature, though.
Gardevoir - female - Very righteous 'mon, who protects mightyena from being bullied by "b & m". Is deeply in love with alakazam.
Kyogre - Gigantic whale, who prefers to hang out just with other legendaries. Despises blaziken.
Rayquaza - The largest creature of the whole gang. He knows he could just sweep almost anyone away, but is still pretty docile guy.

Oh hello nice team with no legendaries! Even you don't have nicknames, you make a pretty okay team, like the game you are from. Nothing mind-blowing, but still cool.
Charizard - male - Third of his kind, oh man! The one who is banging his fist to his palm. Or something like that.
Raticate - male - Even he is pretty useless, he is one of my favorite species in the whole Pokémania.
Sandslash - male - And so is he! Even, eh, dugtrio is cool too, I'm happy I finally had a chance to use sandslash, too.
Alakazam - male - I've never used that much psychic type or humanshape pokémon, but this guy was just totally sweeping anything off the field. And he makes a pretty couple with gardevoir.
Lapras - female - I just wanted to have one more lapras, 'cause they are such kewl killers, too! 8)
Dragonite - female - To be honest I liked her more as dragonair, but to ease my payne I like to think that she didn't lose all of her beauty in evolution. That's where the eyelashes step in. (God I'm idiot!)

Uh. Even I don't have any particular reason for it, I never really liked this game. It is oooookay I guess, but still... Not as good as it could be. But hey, finally the nicknames make their return! They are still pretty idiotic, but at least now I knew it myself, too. = P
Infernape (FIRELE) - male - He is a bit sensitive about the fact that he is easily the shortest fire starter.
Luxray (STARALEO) - male - Since there aren't too many felines in the group, he usually hangs around with the canines. Has a complicated relationship with manectric.
Roserade (BURIA) - male - He is always worried that infernape's head fire would burn him, which would be catastrophical.
Staraptor (SERY) - male - ...just now I realized that this is probably the gayest team I've ever had. XD There are the luxray, roserade and then this hair freak birdie. What happened?
Weavile (SINIEREVEL) - female - Even she shares her species (kind of) and name with Saga's Sinierevel [link] they are two compleately different creatures. I just stole the name from this weavile-girl to the funky sneasel-boy.
Gastrodon (SLIMMOS) - male - My cutiecutie slimy sea slug. <3 Love you more than anything. Even though using Surf with small creature like this would really be... Complicated.

My current favorite. I don't even need to tell more.
Meganium (CHIHIRO) - female - Hmm, I wonder why I didn't choose cyndaquil, since it's pretty nice creature, too. But oh well, now I can make this flowerbeast to be a daughter of another meganium and venusaur.
Ampharos (MERIIPU) - female - Before capturing this fellow I never had any kind of opinnion of its evolution line, but now I just love it.
Quagsire (WOOPSIRE) - male - The guy who is staring your face. >8) He is also one of those I never even thought of having in my team, but then it just happened.
Togekiss (PRII) - female - Freaky coincidence, that I happened to have both female starter and female togepi in this game.
Umbreon (SHADE) - male - FINALLY I had a chance to use my old favorite! This poor creature has scars on his arm after fighting against one particular espeon. I'm afraid they are pretty much rivals nowadays.
Skarmory (SKARRI) - male - I was so freaking scared to draw this steelbird, but after all it ended up looking better than I dared to hope. Phew.

I haven't played this too much yet, but at least I have my team build to it's final form. (And my not too much is umm maybe 60 hours.) Even I didn't like many of the 5th gen pokémon at the beginning at all, I learned to tolerate them and even to like some.
Samurott (Azure) - female - It was a hard choice between oshawott and snivy, but somehow I ended up to take this samuraiotter.
Excadrill (Mora) - male - Aww drawing this guy was horrible, since I always imagined him to be a LOT bigger. XD
Galvantula (Aramis) - female - I'm not sure how she ended up having a name of a male musketeer... Or yeeees I was thinking something similar to arachnid and then I guess this happened.
Mienshao (Mei Shin) - female - Gotta love a weasel who uses it's fur as a whip! Unfortunately for Mei Shin blaziken loves her too, in a weird and twisted way.
Chandelure (Halo) - male - I have no idea why I ended up liking this pokémon so freakin' much! Even it was almost sad to make him evolve, since I loved lampent's voice even more. Looks like Aramis has knit some web on him.
Hydreigon (Hades) - male - I've always thought that it would be horrible to have three heads. Ugh. It does seem to bother tyranitar, too. Or maybe it's just the fact that the dragon is sitting on his back.

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RoxasFIN's avatar
''who seems to have some weird love-hate-gay-relationship with luxray''

I love dis :XD:
hitodama89's avatar
Haha yeeeeah, they are a bit unordinary couple. XD
HeroesRain's avatar
wow, I love the old versions too. I have silver(my bros, he also had emerald, a crystal and leaf green,  gold, crystal, firered, and pearl. this is a great idea. so many pokemon, how could you remember them all!? wow.
hitodama89's avatar
Thanks! Though I didn't actually trust solely my memory, so I just checked all of the save files to make sure I got my teams right. =3 Because I never deleted any of the files.
OrcaOwl's avatar
Wow I'm super impressed by this!! There are so many pokemon in here, it's really neat. I'm impressed that you remember all your teams as well, I've restarted games a bunch of times and have lost what my teams were and such haha. 
hitodama89's avatar
Thank you very much! n__n Though I have to admit that I cheated with that remembering everything part: I either had my original save files still intact or, in some cases, the team data was saved to Pokéstadium 2's memory.
DarthTriforce's avatar
Wow, that is really amazing, this is such an awesome art, it must've taken you ages...xD
hitodama89's avatar
Thanks! And drawing this indeed took forever - about 80 hours, if I remember correctly. X)
DarthTriforce's avatar
e.e whoa now that is long...xD
Koumiri's avatar
Is it bad that my only pairing in all of my time playing pokemon was a gay fighting love?
hitodama89's avatar
No, that's just absolutely cool! XD
Koumiri's avatar
Machamp and medicham.
Fire-Link's avatar
Nice work. How's things going?
hitodama89's avatar
Thanks! I'm doing pretty nicely right now and I've been drawing a lot of small pictures lately. ^^
Rainpool123's avatar
Okay. That's an awesome pic. But.... HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE FERALIGATR!? I used it (and am still using it even though I completed the game) on my SoulSilver! (Personally, I love Feraligatr.)
My Feraligatr can even take out my friend's HIGHER LEVEL starter! (It makes very much sense because my friend has a Typhlosion on her team. :hmm:)

Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasans.
hitodama89's avatar
Haha, thanks! XD And I'm actually not sure why I dislike feraligatr so much... Maybe it's because of that color scheme which just hurts my eyes, dunno. No doubt you can train it to be as badass as any other 'mon, but its looks just doesn't appeal me. =3
Flyffel's avatar
Mäkin olin ajatellut tehdä tällaisen. Mutta en kyllä jaksa... ;W;
hitodama89's avatar
Jos ei ole tarpeeksi hassu kuluttaakseen kaikkea aikaansa tällaiseen multiryhmäkuvaan, niin kannattaa piirtää otukset edes tiimi kerrallaan! =3 Sekin on ollut aika suosittu, mitä nyt asiaa olen seuraillut.
Flyffel's avatar
Olen piirtänyt Black ja White tiimini, mutta ajattelin nimenomaan tällaista, jossa olisi kaikki. Katsoo nyt. xP
Infinite-Carousel's avatar
Wow, you are legendary yourself for having enough patience to draw this! They all look really awesome-what a tribute to your teams to do this for them!

I love how some of your 'mons actually have relationships. 'Despises Blaziken', 'father of Pikachu', 'couple with Gardevoir', etc. I really like your nicknames for them, you get more creative as you go along. Oh, and I agree, Blaziken is the BEST STARTER EVER!!! :D
hitodama89's avatar
Oh, thank you very much for an amazing comment! n__n You really made me happy.

But awwh those nicknames! XD They are so horrible, especially at the beginning! It really asked a lot of guts to reveal those for all of you people.
Infinite-Carousel's avatar
No problem, comments are meant to make you happy! ^^

And your nicknaming skills aren't that bad, but WATERBEAST is a bit derpy XD
hitodama89's avatar
A bit? A BIT?! XD Are you kidding me, it has to be one of the most hideous things I've ever created!
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