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The Death Gate Cycle -stamp

A stamp for a fantasy book series The death gate cycle (Kuolemanportti) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickamn.

The dragon used there is originally from Wikipedia: [link]

Template was took from here: [link]
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I´m reading this books again, for...I don´t know the time. X3
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That's great! I should absolutely read them again, too. It's been some years since the last time I did that.
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I´m with Elves Star right now.
I love Pait, he is one of my favs. X3
Falkenkralle's avatar
Thanks for making this stamp :-). These books are awesome.
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Yup, I totally agree! Nice to heart that someone else thinks that way, too.
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I'm so happy that this stamp exists. This series is amazing.
Death Gate Cycle needs more love.
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Yeah, I totally agree with you! =3 It's so sad how pretty much everyone knows things like Dragonlance, but when you mention The death gate cycle no-one even knows what you're talking about.
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En ole lukenun kuolemanportti kirjoja mutta olen lukenut DragonLance kirjoja. Parhaillaan olen lukemassa Kaksosten Aika! :D
RAISTLIN FTW!!!!!!:la:~
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En voi muuta kuin suositella tätä sarjaa, jos Dragonlancen meininki yhtään miellyttää! =3 Samaa tekijätiimiä kun löytyy näidenkin kirjojen takaa.
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