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TWWM Natura Humana Quest: Explorations 2

After being whisked back to their original time both of the Esk felt rather exhausted. After all neither of them had done time traveling before, so it was no wonder it had drained their powers significantly.
"That was incredible", Song sighted wistfully when the duo settled to lay down on the seabed around the ruins, "but even so we didn't find out what the writing on the stone actually was about. Or what was the purpose of carving it there." The smaller Esk was clearly a little bit disappointed by the inconclusive end of their journey, but Nessie on the other hand wasn't bothered by it the slightest bit. They just closed their nictitating membranes and sent Song some thoughts about the importance of the journey instead of the destination.
"I know, you are right. But... Do you think someone in our time could know something about it? Maybe we should still check some more things out?" Song suggested, but they didn't get much of a response from Nessie. They had clearly had enough adventuring for one day and seemed to be quickly drifting to sleep. Song was just as tired as their older companion, but they felt like they couldn't rest as long as the mystery remained unsolved.
"I'll be right back, Nessie", the tiny marine Esk promised and swam back to the ancient relic.

Once again Song slapped their paws to the surface of the cold stone, but this time they concentrated on a location instead of a time period. Soon enough they felt a pull towards something, but weirdly enough it seemed to be in a place the Esk had never visited before, and such places were usually unreachable by teleportation.
"Can you guide me, stone? Please?" Song quietly pleaded and gave it a try. Teleportation was truly an instantaneous form of transportation, so after just a blink of an eye the Esk found themselves from a modern human apartment. The person who lived there seemed to be present, but still as invisible as ever Song started to investigate the place. At first they thought there was nothing resembling the carved stone in the apartment, but when they finally directed their attention towards a computer screen, they noticed something very familiar.
"Ah, that's the place from the past!" the Esk chirped in awe. They jumped to the computer table and started to follow a video documentary about the ancient city they had just visited. It explained in detail how a similar stone slab as the one still resting in the bottom of the ocean had helped scientists to learn about the city it had resided in. The city had been forgotten for several millennia, but the stone's writing had single-handedly brought the city's name, location and history back to the general consciousness of humankind.
"So... In a way the stone is like this video machine: it stores and shares information. Wow", Song finally realized.


This entry made me remember the utter disbelief in me when I saw the results of that poll about what biome should have its quest next. Like yeah, developed biome is interesting, but why would anyone ever want to actually illustrate anything in it?! 8'''D Kidding kidding, I know others can enjoy things I don't. But... Still! Do you people enjoy pain or what?

But yeah, here Song gets to learn about how the writing on the stele has helped modern-day scientists to understand many forgotten mysteries of the ancient world, including but not limited to the name of the city it was found from. The thing is it was known that there used to exist cities called Thonis and Heracleion, but the stele revealed that they were actually two names for one single city: Thonis was its Egyptian name and Heracleion was what it was called in Greece. Aside from all that this piece continues the tradition of using real-life as a reference as much as possible. The exact video shown there doesn't exist, but the still frame of the stele and a diver is referenced from an actually existing photo. The apartment shown is also based on a real location. Whose home is it, then? Well, whose home's likeness you think I have a permission to use? = D

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