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TWWM Monthly Prompt 2/2020

It took some time, but finally Xilladenanessfeali (with everyone else involved) arrived to see Weary. It didn't take long for the ancient Esk to recognize what had happened: Weary's energy had started to shift too far from its current form and in order to not fragment completely it had fallen into deep slumber. In other words Weary's energy was no longer that of a Traveler but that of a Trespasser and in order to become stabilized it would need to get a second transformation. Elsie was bereft after hearing the news. She was adamant on not letting anyone make Weary a Trespasser, not at least before she would've looked for another cure from every source possible. And if there truly was nothing that could've been done, she would transform Weary herself.

And this is where this saga ends, as this is what the situation currently is. The story of my Esk characters is mostly improvised so even I'm not 100 % sure where things will go from here, but the fact is that right now a second transformation is the only known game mechanic that would help Weary. But who knows, maybe something surprising will come up in the future! If not, well, then Elsie has some really difficult decisions to make...

(I made this as the"hugs" monthly prompt because there are not one but two Esk hugging another Esk here: Elsie who hugs Weary, but also Song who hugs Nessie in order to stay perched on top of them.)

10 (shaded) 5 (full body) 10 (simple bg) 10 (monthly) 1 (small familiar x1) 1 (accessory x1) 1 (enchantment x1) 10 (elemental x2) 5 (personal) 50 (interact x5)  || TOTAL AP: 103

4 (shaded) 2 (full body) 4 (simple bg) 1 (monthly) 1 (small familiar x1) 1 (accessory x1) 1 (enchantment x1) 5 (elemental x1)  || TOTAL GP: 19

4 (shaded) 2 (full body) 4 (simple bg) 1 (monthly) 5 (elemental x1)  || TOTAL GP: 16

4 (shaded) 2 (full body) 4 (simple bg) 1 (monthly)  || TOTAL GP: 11

Poe & Nessie:
4 (shaded) 4 (simple bg) 1 (monthly)  || TOTAL GP: 9
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