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TWWM Mistake's Origin Prompt: The Transformation



As Mistake was originally part of a caterpillar, it was more accustomed to the idea of tranforming into something completely new than most other creatures. That's why to its newly born mind the whole process felt quite like turning into a butterfly: it was enveloped by a cocoon made out of light and when that vanished, out came an Esk instead of an old, discarded skin.

10 (shaded) 5 (full body) 10 (simple bg) 50 (origin) 5 (personal)  || TOTAL AP: 80

4 (shaded) 2 (full body) 4 (simple bg) 15 (origin)  || TOTAL GP: 25

(I'm not taking points from an Enchantment because Mistake's Esk form is sort of a background object that is only just forming in this.)
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