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TWWM Map of the Haunts

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The very long overdue map of the place my bunch of Esk live in! The map is based on reality but the biome borders are a little bit less so: you can find each of these biomes from the general area, but I don’t know their exact distribution for real.

Also a really neat story: every once in a while I go hunting for real and “real” ghost stories from the depths of internet, and just the other day I coincidentally happened to read one that took place in this exact area. (I drew this map a few weeks ago.) =‘D I recognized the map the person telling the story had attached to the post, hahah. In it they found a small, old pyramid-like structure from somewhere close to Weary’s and Elsie’s haunts and after I looked into it, it appears to be a rather common myth that there are undiscovered pyramids in the Everglades. So that is definitely canon in my Esk stories now, too. Gotta draw that someday.

(I don't think this gets any AP or GP.)

EDIT 8.10.2019 Added Nessie.
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