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TWWM Firestorm Quest: Search Party

After doing their best to help to get all the animals safely away from the raging fire, Song made their way to the search parties that were looking for Vetru. Using levitation the Marine Esk floated high above the ground, probably the highest they had ever been, to get a better look of the environment. It was a miserable sight: the pretty flower fields were scorched black and ash and smoke was filling the air.
"How did everything go so wrong so fast", Song whined to themselves and flew onwards. They never found a single trace of Vetru, not even a glimpse of their beutiful auric horn, but eventually they found something else - or so the Esk though. After all there was no way the horrible raging cloud in front of them would have anything to do with the kind Wanderer! It was eminating such an oppressive, ominous feeling that no Esk seemed to be able to get near it. Song was no different, but even so they kept staring the thunder storm with glazed, mesmerized eyes. It was something bad, that was sure... But also something extraordinary and unique. The feeling it gave to the Seafloor Esk reminded them of some of the ancient horrors they had seen in the deepest, darkest pits of the ocean, in places that most living beings liked to think didn't even exist on this planet.
"It's... Beautiful. Not like a flower field, no... But it is", Song pondered when huge bolts of lightning danced around the cloud and illuminated the faintly glowing eyes that were staring through every creature's souls. What was the purpose of it, where had it come from and most importantly what would make it stop this mindless destruction? What in the world could satisfy the hunger of chaos itself?

Hoo boy, was this one a challenging piece to illustrate or what? ='D It didn't come out perfect, but considering how many difficult things were involved (drawing fire is PURE PAIN) I am fairly satisfied. I tried to pick all the biggest Esk from my list to use in this, as any smaller ones would've been completely lost under all the effects I had to slap on to it make it look right. Even now the colorations of all these Esk got pretty skewed, but hopefully you can tell who is who based on their body shape. The Esk here are Asuna21500's 1239, galacticpink's Wrek, scaramouche2802's 800, Aurelie-Charmeau's Pusung and my Song.

For me:
Base Score: 10 AP (Shaded Illustration)
+5 AP (Full Body Bonus)
+10 AP (Simple/Vignette Background)
+5 AP (Personal Work Bonus)
+40 AP (Other Esk Bonus: 10 AP * 4)
+20 AP (Event Bonus) (Biome 5, Quest 15)
+50 AP (Esk Interaction Bonus: 10 AP * 5)
Total AP per submission: 140

For Esk:
Base Score: 4 GP (Shaded Illustration)
+2 GP (Full Body Bonus)
+4 GP (Simple/Vignette Background)
+10 GP (Event Bonus) (Biome 2, Quest 8)
Total GP per submission: 20
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great perspective on this!

Thanks so much for including Tau :tighthug:
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Thanks! And no problem! = )
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Love what you did with the eyes reflection! Thanks for including Wreck! :heart:
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No problem! Thank you!
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It's lovely, and capture's the scene beautifully! Thank you for adding my esk.
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No problem! Thanks!
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