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Firestorm Quest:: The Enchanted
Cue watched over Midori and The Little Volcano leave as they walked away. She watched their form was swallowed by the tall prairie grasses. She hoped that the little ones would be alright. She knew that Midori had issues with his self worth, and sometimes that clouded his own judgement. If only he could see just how strong and bright he was. He always tried his best and made it his task to make sure everyone was happy, even if he wasn't happy himself. And the Little Volcano was still too new, and too young, too confused about the big world that they now lived in. She hoped they wouldn't get lost.
Cue sighed. She had more important things to be worrying about. Midori and the Little Volcano could handle themselves. She needn't worry, they were both very capable Esks. Putting out the fire at hand was a more threatening issue. She hurried over to the group of Esk that where awaiting to be bestowed Vetru's enchantment. She easily spotted Lope, and headed in their direction. She paused when
:iconskellumsketch:SkellumSketch 7 6
Firestom Quest:: The Elementals
"Vetru!" "Vetru?" "Vetru!!" All around him, Esks were cheering, yelling, scrambling to get to Vetru's side. All the tasks that they were doing has been abandoned in favour of reporting to the Wanderer.
Midori himself is also one of these Esk. But he's fighting a losing battle against all the bigger, stronger Esk, and is getting pushed and squished against many other soot covered furry bodies. Violet, who is currently on his back, clings to his fur for dear life. She yells and pushes at a couple of backsides when someone gets a little to close to crushing them. Midori is just trying to not get swept off his feet. Somewhere down the line, he got swept away from his little group. Rosette and Elwynn had disappeared from sight when an approaching horde of Esk has cut them off from each other. Rosette had yelled something at him before the both of them disappeared, the clamour of the crowd. Song was above them at one point in time as well, but they soon vanished, and no amount of yelling fro
:iconskellumsketch:SkellumSketch 8 8
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hitodama89's Profile Picture
Wow, I don't even know how long it has been since I've filled a good old meme in dA! But now I got tagged by xCastra so here we go; thanks for the tag, buddy!

You have to post ALL the rules.
Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
Choose 12 people.
Actually tag these people.
Can't say you don't do tags. 
Tag backs are allowed.

1. When did you make your first account on dA?
This is my first and only account, so let's see... Huh, the site says "Deviant since Oct 26, 2008" so it's actually my tenth anniversary pretty soon!

2. Do you ever buy adoptables on- or off site?
I'm not opposed to the idea! But I am both poor and incredibly picky, which is why Näkki is so far my only adoptable.

3. When you were starting out as an artist, did you have any artist idols? 
Nnnnnot really. At least no one who would've specifically inspired me or made me go "gosh darn I wanna draw like them". I had some artists whose styles gave a lot to my developing style, but even them were more like "well, these are the ones I have in hand, so I guess I'll go with it" more than anything else. Internet was still so young back then that at least I didn't really use it for just browsing pretty pictures, so what I had available was very limited.

4. Have you ever felt like you're not portraying a particularly sensitive or less talked about subject well enough in your art/OCs?
Oh man, sure! That's one of the reasons why I nowadays don't tend to go into too much detail with the written backstories of my characters: I can't do it badly if I don't do it at all. =') I'm also really scared of making people angry, so I feel like for me it's best to just leave some things up to interpretation instead of being really specific and making someone upset. Sensitive subjects are sensitive for a reason, after all.

5. What is your current big obstacle in creating? 
Likely the fact that I do it out of habit instead of passion.

6. Your current favourite song? 
Like every other song from Steven Universe? My brother finally picked the series up and I've been re-watching it with him, so the songs are playing in constant repeat in my head. Good thing they are good songs!

7. Do you follow any ongoing anime right now? 
I plan on picking up Attack on Titan again soon! Not watching really anything else now.

8. What kind of video games you enjoy the most? 
Atmospheric games, games that tell a story, games that make you experience something memorable. Abzû is a single best example of what I mean.

9. Something you currently really enjoy? 
I don't really do enjoyment haha. A bag of Turkinpippuri I bought today.

10. When a creative block strikes, what do you usually do? 
Something completely else. There's literally no reason why I should keep forcing it, so I just don't. It'll come back to me eventually. It can take me five years (like it did with writing) but so far pretty much all of my interests have been in an endless cycle where they come and go.

11. Do you enjoy horror as a genre?
YES. But sadly only really well made horror, and that stuff is dang rare. Most often I get my horror kicks out of stories read from internet rather than movies, because for some reason movies as a format don't affect me at all (except in very rare cases). I love also horror games, but way too often they overlap with action genre which isn't for me.

12. Your favourite mythological creature?
There's nothing quite like a plain old dragon! Like someone once said (Was it Tolkien?) a story without dragons just isn't a story worth telling.

I'm not tagging anyone (I know, what a rebel) but here are anyway questions from me in case someone wants to pick the meme up:

1. If you could cherrypick all the best parts of any current social media sites and creater a beautiful mashup of all of them, what would you pick?
2. You have won in a raffle where you get to pick any material item that costs roughly 1000 €! What would you pick?
3. If you could choose one animal that would've been domesticated during the last thousand or so years and would be a common pet these days, what animal would you pick? How would it differ from its wild counterpart?
4. How would you describe the smell of your home? Do you like it?
5. Are/were you affected by the crazy heat waves of this summer?
6. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
7. If you have (had) any houseplants, have you named them? Why or why not?
8. What's the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
9. If money, physical limitations and anything like that wasn't stopping you, what hobby would you like to pick up?
10. How long you think is the longest you've been without talking out loud?
11. What are the optimal sleeping conditions for you?
12. What is currently the meaning of your life? (You can interpret this any way you want.)

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