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I Love The Dead

By Hito-chan
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Ah. She came about when my buddeh AK asked if I would ever actually play a necrophiliamancer, like I claimed to be in the "Magic in the Playground" competition (I was running for Necromancy)
So, here she is; Nikolai.
She doesn't actually smex undead. Actually, the only reason there's the "philia" in there is because she kissed dead/undead to use her magic. Infact, its the only way she knows how. This idea was inspired mostly in part to classical Disney movies like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Annnd...the University scanner NOMNOMNOM'd this, too
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"I love the dead.
And the undead too.
Boom de yada boom de yada..." :lmao:
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cool picture!

you know "I Love the Dead" is an Alice Cooper song? it's pretty good :)
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"I love the dead before they're cold,
they're bluing flesh for me to hold"
Damn, I do so love that song =P
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I heard it on the radio over Thanksgiving last year, & immediately Googled it. I really should get a copy of it...

Anyway, always good to see good music referenced in art! :)
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I likes this. Looks better than how I was picturing her. ^_^