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goku damage

goku battle damage :)
tell me what u think;)
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this is pretty awesome O.o I wish I could do damaged clothed stuff like this :D
He is so strong
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I like it!

By thy side,

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wow nice work you did nice picture hau old are you?? i can draw like you very good but i do not know hau to put my pictures i drawing to the google can tell me hau???
Hitmanrulzs22's avatar
hey thx.
im 17.
just maybe scan them on to the computer.
or take a picture of them and put them on the computer, if u know how to do that.
master1122334455's avatar
wow! thats the best picture and hau old are you and hau do you get the picture you draw in the computer??/ becase i am 11 yers old and i love dragonball and i VERY GOOD AT DRAW DRAGONBALL CHARICTERS
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nice drawing.., great to see some traditional for ounce on DA....kinda dying out.......great great job!
Hitmanrulzs22's avatar
thats all i know really, cos i dont have a tablet or anything.
and i think its funner anyway.:)
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hey dude nice drawing keep up the good work hey go see my drawings you re gonna love these ones
Jorgee-alveS17's avatar
awesome :D i saw that you ink and color your drawings :) i admire you ^^

i only draw :XD:
Hitmanrulzs22's avatar
thx man. yeah i found a way to do it without a tablet that still looks good.
Jorgee-alveS17's avatar
:D ^^ welcome man :) i have a few drawings that you may like to color :D
Hitmanrulzs22's avatar
ok dude ill have a look at ur gallery.
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Very nice work, really great...
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nice woooh i cant believe my eyes
Hitmanrulzs22's avatar
thx man. for the watch aswell
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This is really good. Great work :)
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You're welcome.
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Perfect,. just Perfect*!! I do love Goku*!! =)
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