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Unnamed OC Get-Together (v2)

(dA won't let me enable prints on this deviation)
Unnamed Oc Get-together PRINT SHOP DUMMY by HitmanN

Prints of this are now available, but you'll need to visit the following deviation to buy them, as I can't enable prints on this deviation:
Unnamed Oc Get-together PRINT SHOP DUMMY

Sorry about the update spam. This should be the last time I need to update this image though. dA's print submission system sure is screwed up these days.

UPDATE (version 2):
* Cleaned the image a bit for prints sales. Lots of nooks and crannies would've looked messy in large scale. Background colors are slightly different, a more uniform tone throughout.
* Prints are now available, up to size 16x24" (bigger would be possible, but I fear the source wouldn't be quite big enough to be of adequate quality.)
* Also selling a pack of wallpaper size versions as premium content, for some points. Included are sizes: 1920x1200, 1920x1050, 1680x1050, 1600x900 and 1366x768.

Haven't been able to focus on naming the characters yet, but I'd like to still do that, sooner or later. ^^;

If you missed the scrapbook plan of this that I posted a while back, here's the rundown:

Thirteen of my OC's (original characters), mostly previously one-shots, some have appeared twice, grouped together around a large couch/sofa for a special girl pile photo. With girls like these though, it turns out all gossip, tease, and fooling around in the end though. Fine with us though, right?! Note that I changed the clothing slightly on few of the girls, aprons may have turned to shirts, bikinis to lingerie, and stuff like that. Maids wear night gowns and nurses go without a nurse cap, just to have a consistent casual appearance for everyone. Most wear their original apparel though.

Originally I promised that when this picture is finished, I'll give each of these cuties a name and some backstory or other details, but it was enough work to just get this thing colored with my schedule these days, that I decided to post it first and add those names and details later. I'll be updating this deviation with a notification when I do. Still yet to decide some of the names and details.

I'm also considering offering this as a print, and possibly larger size version on sale for a few points. Need to polish the source image a bit more first though, if I do. If you're interested in either, drop a message or note, so I know to hurry it up. ;)

The images that these OC's are from are (roughly from left to right):

Midnight Wind - (2006) - Midnight Wind
Lesson of Love Remake - (2014) - Lesson Of Love 2014 Remake
Let's Cook - (2008) - Let's Cook
Nurses Fully Supported - (2005) - Nurses fully supported
Just a Peek - (2013) - Just a Peek
Stripping in the Wind - (2010) - Stripping in the Wind
Maid on Floor - (2013) - Maid on Floor
Naughty College Girl - (2008) - Naughty College Girl 1
Cherries - (2009) - Cherries
Beach Volley Girl Quickie - (2009) - Beach Volley Girl quickie
Stairwell Meeting - (2007) - Stairwell Meeting
Street Gal - (2005) - Street Gal
Baker Girl - (2007) - Baker Girl

Hope ya like the girl pile! ^_^ It was a lot of work. O_o;
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PerfectPrey4U's avatar
Hehe slumber party!!! :)
xXSiegXx's avatar
All them girls! <3

Great job
HitmanN's avatar
xXSiegXx's avatar
Most welcome! :)
otherland78's avatar
how beautiful cute sexy and funny ;-)))
HitmanN's avatar
LintySkittle's avatar
I can only imagine how many hours must have gone into this.
TanukiTagawa's avatar
All them are pretty and hot!  Icons and Emoticons| Bonnie Nosebleed Emoticon 
Parisix's avatar
I think that every boy would like to be with them... I want to come with you girls!
Parisix's avatar
Nude version or no?
HitmanN's avatar
No nude version. I designed this to be a tease on purpose. ;P
Parisix's avatar
I don't understand what do you mean with tease on purpose (I'm not English so I can't understand everything ;) )
HitmanN's avatar
Well, you should look for translation for 'tease' in your language. That's what the image is supposed be. A tease. :P
heathfiedler's avatar
thats a lot of nice ass!! n.n
Kazumy's avatar
So gorgeous and sexy view
vulpesfulvus's avatar
I think this would be an interesting print. What sort of size did you have in mind?
HitmanN's avatar
With maximum sizes in mind, should be great up to 12x18", and still decent at 16x24". I could enable even 20x30", but that'd border on acceptable, probably.

As for smaller sizes, 8x12" and 10x15" would be the remaining options.

I'm still yet to clean the source file for prints though, but I'd like to do that very soon. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send a reply or note when prints are available. Probably will sell at a lower price for first few days too. ;)
vulpesfulvus's avatar
You may definitely consider me interested. Tempted to get as large as possible, but I should check my available wall space first.
HitmanN's avatar
Prints of this are now available, though via a separate deviation, due to dA's print submission system being messed up with this one:
Unnamed Oc Get-together PRINT SHOP DUMMY

For now I've enabled sizes up to 16x24". Hopefully you're still interested. :)
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