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Thx for 1m views -bikini tease

After noticing last night that my page had passed 1 million pageviews, I hurriedly finished this pic that has been on my forums for a while now. It seemed like a perfect tease for a celebratory pic. xP

Without going all 'sob sob', reminiscence, and whatnot about the past, I just wanna sum up my thoughts like this:

If someone would've said me back in 2004 that I'll reach this many pageviews, I probably wouldn't have believed them. It all began as a little hobby to try and doodle something anime-ish, and now here I am, with so many people following my art and so many people liking it.

So thanks to everyone for following my art, faving it, commenting on it (in good or bad), commissioning me, purchasing my prints products and for supporting what I do.

I will do my best to provide you with even more of my trademark cute'n sexy art in the coming years.

Image Description
A busty girl in a bikini, at a beach, playing with the bikini bottom... teasingly outside the view. Seriously, what more is there to say. xP

I asked people at my forums about whether the hair over her left eye should be transparent or block the view, but the votes were pretty much fifty-fifty, so I made a compromise, and made the hair just slightly transparent. :3

All in all, the colouring didn't come out quuuuite as I had hoped... but I can't say I'm disappointed altogether. :)

Unfortunately for some, I think I gotta mark this as mature content. Cleavage, very slight hint of nipples and the teasing bikini are bound to make someone complain if I didn't. >,> ...sigh...

© HitmanN 2008
Done in OpenCanvas3.03E over two evenings or so.
Critique not preferred, just like all these past years. =P
Prints will be available soon, without the 'thanks for...' text.
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© 2008 - 2021 HitmanN
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woodstock16996's avatar
Hmm, I would really like to do some naughty things with this sexy attention whore.Wink/Razz Love +fav Heart Heart Heart Heart 
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf's avatar
Whoa smoking hot and nice big boobs! :D
Esevans's avatar
Wow. This one is an eye popper. :D
digitalroses's avatar
If only they didn't all have the face of Olive Oil
importracer1992's avatar
U tease -_- :XD: cool drawing man
Bob7177's avatar
EdUaRdO-the-burner's avatar
ish? i dont think so...
SoundWavePanda's avatar
Wow thats a lot of hits. I have 0.0275% as many hits as you do. I hope to be as popular as you some day.
HitmanN's avatar
Sexy anime girls attract visitors. ;P
SoundWavePanda's avatar
1 million page views and still replying to comments? wow! Yes, yes it does.
HitmanN's avatar
Well, most of the comments don't really require or ask for a reply. I'm lucky if I have three questions asked a day. ;P The rest go the usual "hawt!"/"Sexy!" route. :laughing: Not a huge effort. ;)
SoundWavePanda's avatar
Hahah thats awesome.
Turbotowns's avatar
wow, shes as cute as Soccer Fangirl.
spacezillazon's avatar
good detail,look and colors! Awesome art! texture great job.I like how you did her.I liker her super hot and sexy!
AVasquezArt's avatar
your welcome and great work
I am happy to say that I am now one of those people who love your art! You Rule HitmanN!!
HitmanN's avatar
Glad to hear that. :D
Strangerataru's avatar
Aww...cute stuff.
chanisco's avatar
vegeta what does the scouter say about his pageview

vegeta:its over 1 thousand!!!

nappa:what nine thousand

vegeta:wait its still loading

nappa:what does it say now

vegeta:its over 1 million!!!!!

nappa:damn we are dead
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