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Stripping in the Wind

It's been ages since I last coloured a pic with a classic cel-shaded anime colouring. Strangely I miss the times when I did that a lot. I should do cel-shading more often again. ^^;

Anyways, here's a random pic of some random girl stripping off a bikini on a random tree stump in a random forest. Random! In the end, I just wanted to draw a windy scene. And boobs.

I hope ya still like my cel-shading. xP Aside from the sky there are no gradients, no soft airbrushing, no aftertouch blurring or softening, like I usually do. Just pen tool and the occasional thick hard-edged airbrush. Figured it would be a nice challenge for once. Dotting those bushes/trees in the back made my wrist hurt. ;_;

© HitmanN
Done in openCanvas3.03E over 2-3 evenings.
Prints available.
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© 2010 - 2021 HitmanN
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hey can you do roleplay?
HasssanArt's avatar
Wow awesome O_o
irwingreylord's avatar
the wind is the best!
lopni's avatar
Red dress instead of red hat?

She already ate one of that pies and waits for the grey wolf?
Xhilyn's avatar
The shines are lovely.
nice body, love this pic
AWB2012's avatar
I fear for girls...i really do....I am a guy....I do not trust myself, so for the greater good, I will not go near them.
Rufina-Tomoyo's avatar
It was a very windy day to do that...
tech60's avatar
dude that is awesome
shadowl1980's avatar
dang your a good artist
AHumanNamedJericho's avatar
I love pictures with pink-haired girls. I don't know why?

Great picture though.
animamomentlover's avatar
GothicSora's avatar
very pretty very sexy wish the was my lap
Shirowe's avatar
I do enjoy your artwork...I really should do something with myself before I get to old to pursue it.
Sanca18's avatar
definitely looks like it was worth the effort
Sun-bro's avatar
DeadCobra's avatar
shubnigurath's avatar
Love the ribbon hair :D
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