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Naughty College Girl 1

A college student leaving a message for a professor who criticized her clothing during the class.

Nothing wrong with her outfit, right? ;P

There's really nothing more to this pic. It's supposed to be pretty self-explanatory and mostly eyecandy. =P

Tried to make this one with prints in mind. Sort of an "I support this attitude" or "Freedom of choice in clothing" sorta thing. I suppose the phrase on the blackboard could've been something a bit shorter and to the point though, rather than a short story. Feel free to post your ideas, maybe I'll change the text if something interesting comes up.

Also, another similar picture might get finished soon. There's a preview available at my forums. It's currently a bit too suggestive, so I'm looking into toning down that a bit.

© HitmanN 2008
Done in openCanvas3.03E over two evenings, plus minor editing
Critique not preferred, but suit yourself
Prints available in 9x12" and 18x24"
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i dont think he will stop judging your clothing (cool pic btw)
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I think if people want to naked they should be aloud to in designated areas
Molybdenum-Blues's avatar
Haha this is great! The "cheeky" college girl better hurry before the teacher comes back in or she might get a spanking though :D
kingfox66's avatar
if i looked like her i wouldnt either ;)
orangeglasses2's avatar
i would stop judging her clothing.
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:blush::drool: Um... *ahem* Excuse me... Miss? Can I say for detention? Pwetty pwease??? :iconawwwplz: :XD:
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Hi it's :iconistillhatedeviantart: (this is just my alt) awhile ago I asked if I could make an edit of this, and you said yes. well I just realized I don't think I ever gave ya the link. so here it is! [link]
istillhatedeviantart's avatar
nice :)...mind if I try manip-ing it a bit?
HitmanN's avatar
Shouldn't be a problem. ;p Let me see if you do. ;)
istillhatedeviantart's avatar
definately will...thanks
haha : thats so nice
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Oh keep writing student
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The Professor: "Umm... miss Sandy... there are uh... there are no Mobile-Phones allowed inside the... Oh MY O.O!!! Miss Sandy, may I see you in the Councilor's Office ...alone?"
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Collage Girl?

And just what is the age of this 'Collage Girl'?
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cute. I like the protest
plugaruseby's avatar
hmmmm....tits or gtfo
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