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Help with sunscreen?

Ok, so I was doodling this little experiment with a bikini pulling up some boobs, was testing out greytones to see how shading and highlights might look, and suddenly things got out of control. Now she's wearing glasses on a beach and is all greytoned up all over and all sparkly. And I don't even know if she's sparkly because of sweat or water or what. She does seem to be implying she needs help with sunscreen though. She does look pretty oiled up already however. Heck, I dunno. Help her out if you feel like it.


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I walk up to her put some lotion on my hands puts it all over her
D-Prototype's avatar
Dayum.  Does this character have a name?
I'll help, I'll help....
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Of course that I will help you with the sunscreem,my darling! Horny revamp 
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DeadCobra's avatar
So beautiful Horny revamp
You don't need this two just take them off don't be shy
heathfiedler's avatar
Love her n.n keep up the good work
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She looks so damn cute with those glasses, and I think there's a queue forming to help with applying that sunscreen. Woohooooo! 
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Awww, what a cutie :D
Wanderer619's avatar
I'd be happy to help C:
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I'd be delighted to help ;P
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