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Goth Randomness

(gotta say it here, because the preference option was removed)

Sorry for the lack of submissions lately. Been occupied with other stuff and kinda lacking motivation to finish any of my own stuff. -_-;

I did the lines for this one in April last year, so it's about time I finished it. I call it 'Goth Randomness', but it's not really very gothic. More like cute pre-bondage stuff in some mansion's dungeon or something. @_o; Oh well, feel free to think of your own interpretation. I didn't really have anything specific in mind when I originally made this. Totally just kept adding random stuff to it.

Oh, and those are tattoos on her thigh, boob and cheek. More weirdness and randomness! ^_^;

Aaaanyways, I hope ya like it. I'm not too fond of the lines, to be honest, but I still liked the overall theme enough to bother finishing it.

© HitmanN 2008-2009
Done in openCanvas3.03E. Colouring took about 8 hours.
Critique not preferred, as per my usual standards.
Prints available.
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Very beautiful artwork 
sexy glasses!
Lovely-Madness-13's avatar
The boob tattoo would hurt.....>.< BUt cute! These inspire me to work out XD
katyspuppy's avatar
i love how this is the first thing that pops up when i type in randomness
HitmanN's avatar
lol. So it seems. xP
sissycross's avatar
Skidsftw39's avatar
she's like, "I'm ready for you, master."
kingfox66's avatar
J-OakSong1's avatar
Well BDSM is at least vaguely goth and/or punk....
XSONOHX's avatar
This was the first picture I found when I searched randomness.
Great Job by the way, sexy too.
zerolemort's avatar
Fuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkiiinnnnngggg Helllllll.......
fangbloodstone666's avatar
numberoneRioLover's avatar
I can stare at it whole day
REN1337's avatar
nuff said lol
alice-the-strange's avatar
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