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Erika in Shower

A piccie to celebrate Erika's birthday! ^_^ Yeah, to those that don't know, my characters MiSha and Erika both age like real people. :3 Erika's birthday is on 17th of March (the day I designed her), which is today. This year (2008) she's turning 23. Congrats Erika! =P I actually did this pic a week or so ago, but decided to wait until today to post it. ^^

A weird way to celebrate a birthday, here's a pic of Erika in shower.

I'm noticing a lot of people prefer Erika these days. Don't forget MiSha now, ok? ^^; I did kinda forget announcing MiSha's birthday in my journal here on DA this year. It was 23rd of last month. But no worries, I might also have a bonus MiSha pic coming up in the following days. :D

Art © HitmanN.
Done in openCanvas 3.03E over maybe 4-6 hours.
Critique not preferred as usual.
Prints not available due to low image resolution. Leave a print request if you're interested in a print though. Maybe I can arrange it some day.
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awesome. she is 3 days before me!
Bondubras's avatar
There's a hentai game I saw that uses this picture...
HitmanN's avatar
Can you remember the name of the game?
Bondubras's avatar
I can do you one better. Would you like me to send you the link?
sasuke-the-pervert's avatar
hitman your the best at this man nice job
ottoraul's avatar
a good cartoon, great image
goodfebruarian's avatar
Finlay12's avatar
Hot! I'd love to see a drawing of Amy Pond from Doctor Who naked!
ragingspacebull's avatar
Erika looks great in the shower.
crypto456's avatar
Me: *Nosebleed*
Whites-Knight's avatar
thats funny, Erika and i kinda share a birthday (i celebrate mine a day early becaude i can, and green is a good color to like)
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Need some assistance?
dudeman787's avatar
you mind if i join
Ok, your work is the best "Stuff (basically anime nude)" I've ever seen. This one is good, but not as good as others (in my opinion). There's nothing wrong with the body, breasts, vagina,legs, background. Only thing i find wrong is the face, she looks (as Borat says it) "Very nice" but, don't know why, for me something's wrong with the eyes and the nose looks a bit wrong. Overall, your still one of the best artists ever seen (or atleast the artist who's art i've ever seen). So Imma give ya nice a 9.9998/10 (because of this little thing, but hey we all make mistakes, and not everyone will like everything we do).
SupaChibi's avatar
He said "Critique not preferred as usual".
rissaroo1234's avatar
hey. how did you do the water effect? I've been trying to do my own shower scene and I cant seem to be able to figure out how to make the hair and skin look wet like that. can you give me any tips or tricks?
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Well, I don't really have any specific tips. It's good to just look at wet stuff and see how it differs from dry. Water is transparent, so only thing you'd ideally use for the water is bright white-ish for the edges that reflect light, and a slightly darker shade of the color of the surface the water is on, on the shaded edges.

I'm still learning myself, so that's about it. ;p
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