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Commission - Soccer Fangirl

A commission I finished for Master64. The theme was supposed to be soccer and green colour, and the client requested a nude girl, with a jersey and a soccer ball near her. The rest was pretty much up to me to decide.

The version I gave for the client has two additional details in it, which both refer to a specific soccer team. Since I'm selling prints of this commission, I decided not to include those details in the public version. Could be considered illegal commercial use of a brand/name or something if I did. Oh well, those weren't big details, so this works just as well as a generic soccer themed picture. =P


Art © HitmanN
Commissioned by Master64
Done in openCanvas3.03E over two evenings and one afternoon
Prints available

(I'm gonna keep expressing the old preference option this way for now)
Image details
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800x533px 164.5 KB
Published:   |  Mature
© 2009 - 2021 HitmanN
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grandprix389's avatar
very nice drawing
apocalipsis666's avatar
well, a really good work
skeletonduckyxx's avatar
very cute and sexy
Very nice!!!!!!!!!1
takumikun999's avatar
Colours of hungarian football team FRADI = Ferencváros.
avengerbluex's avatar
ROYGOKU's avatar
This girl looks cool.
WWEFederation's avatar
The best sport just got better.
boracasli's avatar
bursaspor's fangirl?
Cancellation's avatar
i have a request too :P
StrawberryBatmanBear's avatar
All of your soccer fangirls are amazing! But I think this is my favorite!
jjxenon's avatar
Very Nice ^^
Czaendermajer's avatar
endless fascination º_º
Turbotowns's avatar
:drool: Oooooh cute tities. Also if you hold "control" and scroll the mouse wheel, (you need a mouse wheel to do this, duh)you can zoom in and out, preferbaly "in" and can see her up "CLOSE".
hawkfeather2's avatar
I wish i could marry her. Very nice. ery very nice.
Great Work Thanks
TheLordDarkWolf's avatar
isn't she a pretty one :)
On another site, I have seen a picture almost identical to this one, made after the first picture you made, and this one. The artist claims that they are "similar" because they were commissioned by the same person, but the style is not his at all and is completely copied from yours. I compared the two, and details from yours seemed to be copy pasted directly into his. Maybe I'm just being stupid and paranoid, but I would be careful. Its technically infringement.
HitmanN's avatar
Feel free to note me with links to anything you find alarming and I'll look into them. I've seen one artist make a very similar picture to this one and it didn't bother me that much. Though I'm basing that on the assumption that the commission client was indeed the same person in both cases.
Yakkov's avatar
Very nice :3 I like how you did the nipples ^^
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