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Beach Volley Girl quickie


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Been busy again, but I managed to do this little quickie recently. I was mainly inspired by the coming summer.

I declare the bikini season open! :D


© HitmanN
Done in openCanvas3.03E over a few hours
Critique not preferred as usual
Prints not available, but feel free to leave a request. Maybe I'll make a hi-res version for printing purposes later. ;)
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i love the color used, simple but colorfull :)

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Looking very sexy. Lucky crab.
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Hola, i love/like/fascinates/as characters/people of women of white skin/brunette/dark, dark medium (and other types of skin shades) and clear your legs, hip, your physique, your hair, your eyes, your lips, your clothes, your breasts, postures Very sexy/daring and clear to know who it really is, plus I like the characters/people gay/lesbian, bisexual, transgender to know/as and make friends or something else.

Well I like all its content, because you have a good eye/gift/skill in creating/performing in the characters of women, because you give something different/special and therefore is an excellent job.

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Very nice work !
that's beautiful
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You did a great job!
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Oh my god,someone traced this! I can tell you who,if you want to?
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Usually these things aren't an issue, but I suppose I could take a look.
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The user is called MangaMaidMischief.They traced this for their own manga character.I find stealing and tracing disrespectful so I thought you should know.
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I'll let that one slide for now. It's pretty low quality and low profile. I get the feeling that most of the user's work is similarly traced or copied, so if he/she keeps doing that, it's gonna come back and bite him/her in the ass eventually, with or without my intervention. No chance the user is gonna gain fame or fortune this way, let alone really learn to draw original art of their own. But technically yeah, should've credited the source and/or asked for permission.

If anything, I'm humbled that the user chose to use my work as base, rather than some professional author's. ;P In any case, thanks for letting me know! Much appreciated. :)
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wow. good stuff man. hit me up if youd like to commission me for something.
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Nice and "bouncy"!:D (Big Grin) 
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Sexy and awesome tit
MilkTimeforMe's avatar
What a lucky little crab.
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That sneaky crab xD  Looks beautiful! :3
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Pretty and cheerful!  :squee:  My thanks to the little crab... ;P
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