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Baker Girl

I made this image quite exactly three months ago. I was planning on making a high-res version of it for prints sales, but never did. Probably because of commissions taking a lot of my time soon after it.

So, I'm submitting the last version of it here now. It's the same one I posted on my forums.

Pretty straightforward image this one. A girl in a tight apron has baked you some cookies with an affectionate message. She couldn't resist tasting one beforehand though. ;P

The apron looks more like a dress I guess. Was considering adding some frills to it. Her nipples look kinda detachable too. x3 Oh well, that's why it was a preview version, not a finished design.

I'll still gladly do a prints version if there are buyers though. Click the 'request as print' link on the left if you'd be buying one. If there's enough of you, then maybe I'll see what I can do... ;)

Artwork © HitmanN
Done in OpenCanvas3.03E over 2 evenings (I think)
Critique not preferred, as usual.
Prints not available. Place a request if you're interested in one, though.
Image details
Image size
563x750px 203.58 KB
© 2007 - 2021 HitmanN
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KatsuNekoBrother's avatar
great way to be greeted :3
Very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
takumikun999's avatar
I want a nice girlfriend. *w*
Genesis19937's avatar
I want her to be my maid ;-). Love your pic
Expatkiwi's avatar
now those are great-looking cookies!
magicloop2009's avatar
orangeglasses2's avatar
Okay, first I want your cookies, then you.
4-X-S's avatar
゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
BAHO59's avatar
lol nice idea :)
pyrolancifurr's avatar
hum, reminds me of Sam from the show, Totally Spies, nice art :)
sarahrulez7052's avatar
*sheilds eyes* AHHHHH!
EatPeople4Fun's avatar
mmmmm nice, cookies AND milk (;

soggyorigami's avatar
If a girl actually did that for me I'd love her forever.

The green eyes and freckles almost made me miss the boobs :P
Madara31's avatar
she looks so..perfect! I want her
DAX-STUDIOS's avatar
Woah those are nice...

32-teahousemoons's avatar
um...there's nothing wrong with her nipples. I've never seen an anime girl with "naturally placed" nipples. They're ALWAYS perky. (whats the point of an anime girl with sock tits, or worse stocking tits? :lmao:) At least the areola are a bit more naturally in proportion than most anime girls that I've

Not everybody has tiny little pea-sized, perky nips in reality. It'd be nice, but that's only in accordance to the hollywood beauty standard. You can't say something is "wrong" with a body feature of a cartoon character. I's up to the artist to what they think is sexy. :paranoid:

anyway...this is really cute :D
KasyMessy's avatar
great but... her nipples look like ... those things babys suck on at the bottles
Shen17000's avatar
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