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6th Lingerie Thingerie

Although I did just announce that the Lingerie Thingerie calendar won't probably be finished by the end of the year, that doesn't mean I can't still try! :D

I did the lineart for this Lingerie Thingerie over a year ago, and I still think the upper body is kind of a mess, and the head might be rather large, but regardless, it's still the third most liked Lingerie Thingerie candidate I've doodled, so I figured I should get it done while I still feel like it. Some people also wanted me to keep the large-ish head and whatnot.

No elaborate story behind this one. Just another random girl with some strange lingerie, this time posing on a matress or futon of some sort. Evening sun is shining through a window on the left.

I was kind of thinking about make the evening sun effect stronger, with an overall glow of red, but it seemed like it would just make all the yellow, brown and skin color to blend together, so I decided not to make it that way.

Definitely not one of my best, but should fit the calendar nicely. ;)

Now, only 6 images plus covers to make, and about 40 days time left. That's a new pic every 5 days. @_o; Seems pretty impossible still.. ^^; But I'll try... I think.

Artwork © HitmanN 2007-2008
Done in openCanvas3.03E over two evenings in '07, and one day in '08.
Critique not preferred, especially on the ancient lineart. :roll:
Some print sizes available.
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© 2008 - 2021 HitmanN
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she looks like she wants to play! heh heh!
Allanon13's avatar
nice and hot pic! good work
Gigarobo's avatar
AMAZING. Well done friend!
NickMaster64's avatar
GothicSora's avatar
I would love to love her
nice use of green!
waggabiggadoo's avatar
Autisticmatt's avatar
Love seeing her panties off lying on the floor!
DarkBooX's avatar
NickMaster64's avatar
mmmmm your girls are so deliciously naughty their all so sexy showing off their breasts and just ready to have some fun
FireDragoonfan's avatar
Lovely work, and the details are great.^^
spacezillazon's avatar
Good detail,look,colors!Awesome job.I like her!Awesome job
p-man-of-awesome's avatar
he has always been awesome
stussyman's avatar
Very nice art! You can drawn some really sexy women. This looks like it is straight out of the best visual novel ever! :D
hottest Art on the website!
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reddragon162's avatar
I love that tiny little landing strip she has going on there!
chanisco's avatar
she looks so young how old is she XD
onlyA-CG-admiReR's avatar
very2 :thumbsup coloring

n the anatomy is perfect :thumbsup:

u r so skillfull :thumbsup:
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