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Token Cursor's

Watch the video I made on Youtube on how to install them…

:new:This is now the final version of Token Cursor's
:new:I added an installer to both black and white version

I made these cursors to go with the token icons…

If your looking for a Visual Style that looks good with token icons look no further than Shadow…

Token Start…

Token looking
Token system tray Icons, to replace the default ugly ones:



Action Center…


Picture of my…
Make sure to favorite so you can get the latest updates :)

Thanks to Fast-Eddie…
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these are bad ass thanks

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Hello!  I was wondering if you release the use of this Cursor in my videos after all.  Everything that is posted on YouTube has to have commercial license so that it is not likely to take CopyRight ... From now on thank you.

Thank you very much, they are perfect as what I used.
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Oh man this is so cool :D thank you so much ahaha
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would slip nicely into that coin slot I think :)
Thank you, helps out.
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love it, thank you <3
I edited the transparency to 100% white. Now it is perfect!
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These are nice! Thank you so very much!!!
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I absolutely love these cursors, but I have a question. Would it be possible to maybe get a version for us left-handers?
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Ca à un rapport avec South park ? Token est noir... x)
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Very Nice! great work
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great cursors awesome thank you :)
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my bad, i installed them one by one. nvm
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Fantastic. A lot of cursors out there but very few have class. This pack has class. Just make sure to rename the files, to make it easier to install.
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Thank you so much for the compliments, right click on the install.inf file and select install. No need to manually install it.. you should have have gone through all the trouble lol. Oh and less is more.
Hi, how do you install this? Your youtube link doesn't work anymore.
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awesome! thank you!
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