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Vitae guiKit

This is a project that I've been working on for about 5 months. I hope you enjoy it.
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Too bad this isn't for windows :( (now you are supposed to say: "You can find a port here > [link] ;)" xD)
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simply beatiful XD I love it...
Thanks! A great Theme
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too bad that's not for leopard AARGGHH..

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You can find a port here > [link] ;)
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are you kiddn me...i do not only enjoy it...i love it ;)
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best theme ever. did you think about porting this for leopard?
i LOVE it it is my favourite guikit theme by far! "D
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I like the work you did. Good job!
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love it. thanks! :)
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The best theme for Mac OS X. I can never go back to the default anymore. The buttons and everything a simply perfect.

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I think I got this through macthemes, but I found your original post here -- very much a :+fav:!

I am getting one weird bug (in an itunes skin, so I guess it's to be expected) whereby the dropdown arrows... fail it. It also shows up in the occasional other guiKit, but as I've gotten rid of them all in favor of this one, I can't tell you which at the moment. :shrug:

They show up as one of:
a white line at the top and bottom of the arrow's area;
a white blob at the right of the arrow's area;
or a black blob at the bottom-right of the arrow's area.

There's a screenshot in my scraps, if you want pictorial evidence/haven't yet seen it yourself.

Anyways, thanks for this theme, it is all that is awesome.
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link to the screenshot: [link]
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always good stuff ave :)
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Very nice, good job. :D
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Awesome release! :D
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Nice work ,mate.
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I dont have mac, but Im gonna have it in a few months so I just fav it and then find it again!^^
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I like it, looks good :)
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Very sleek and Aqua-ish. Not my personal favourite style but it's still sexy.
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looks great..thx..Dan ;)
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