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Rackmount 1.7

Suite of skins for Rainmeter in Full HD inspired in rack modules

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- Rainmeter
- Windows 7 or above
- For added realism, you should disable other skins and hide desktop icons
- Plugin Top Process (Included)
- Plugin HWiNFO 3.1.0 (Included)
- Software HWiNFO 5.22 -> running to obtain temperature data (Not included)
- 1920 x 1080 screen resolution


- 11 skins + loader
- Realistic design, made for those who don't like minimalism
- Easy to setup and use
- Wallpaper made by me included
- Sounds and Fonts included
- Weather Station Duo
- 4 disks monitoring
- Caledar, notes, analog neon clock and digital
- Network Monitor with all info
- Mega Reader with RSS feeds, photo slideshow, daily pics, daily pets pics, daily funny pics, music news and movies news sites with pics
- System Monitor for GPU (with HWiNFO running), RAM, CPU, 8 core, top processes by CPU and RAM, battery, UpTime
- Temp Monitor for temperatures and fans (with HWiNFO running)
- Music Non Stop Player with 10 links to websites with music videos, 9 links to music TV stations, 90 Radio stations with all genres, access to MP3 folder
- Audioscope Music Visualizer with 80 visualizations. Analog and digital VU-Meters with delay effect, moving images to the rhythm of music, 5 visualizations for 3D anaglyph glasses red/cyan

- Lua Calendar and Lua Marquee by smurfier
- Lua Spectrum analyzer by killall-q
- Lua YQL feed RSS and Lua Check Alerts by jsmorley
- Weather icons by vclouds
- Plugin Top Process by ch-rob
- USB Disk Eject by bgbennyboy
- Wallpaper designed by me based in Reason

- Rack Sidebar. For 1366x768 px
- Rack Gadgets. For 1920x1080 px and 1600x900 px
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love your work. such a beuty skin.

do u have 1024x600 reso version ?

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Thanks. In my gallery you can find Rack Gadgets optimized for other resolutions. The one you tell me has little use and as it is based on images it is difficult to convert it to various resolutions without losing quality

Still one off my all time favourite skins to use, cant wait to see how version 2 looks :-)

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Thanks for your support. Version 2 has undergone many changes before being published: design, sizes ... It is well advanced but I don't have time to spend as much time as I would like. I can say that the new version will be much better, it has more hours of work behind it. We have to wait a little. Soon I will upload a preview image

Thanks for the update, can't wait to see more off your great work

really nice theme, thank you

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Excellent theme, on my top-3 of all Rainmeter skins!

If you also manage to fix those damn weathercom codes i would be grateful!

Thank you

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Thanks for your support. Lately there have been a lot of changes and I am updating all my projects. Version 2 is much better, but when it's ready to publish, something stops working and I despair. It is my most ambitious project and as you will understand it has a lot of design and code work. But the wait will be worth it. Thanks
Logo Radio Fm Dance

me dejarías:D usarlo para un flyer de mi radio

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Puedes pero si usas parte del código o imágenes tendrás que mencionar el autor. Si la radio es buena se puede incorporar al proyecto también. Está en proceso de actualización

thank you this is beautiful

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I have downloaded this more times than I can count. I truly love this setup!!!!

Love the temp monitor

Does the download link still work? It keeps failing on me.

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I have tried it and it works. Maybe you should login
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It seems the weather station no longer works... changed and no longer uses the city codes like luxx0058... any suggestions?

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Unfortunately has stopped providing the service through the RSS feed. You can find more information in the rainmeter forum. Soon I will modify my skins. Thank you

Really like the Rackmount! Any new releases or updates coming soon?

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Hi. Currently the future version of Rackmount will not be published at the moment. It's all new and more spectacular, but I want to polish it up a bit more. Also with the latest changes in weather and news servers there is much to change. If I have time I solve the weather forecast problem. I'll post a screenshot soon

Ive been working on radar displays as of recently, my i suggest a work around using McIDAS-V 1.8, im a student at the unviersity of oklahoma in the college of meteorology and ive found that you can auto-retrieve the live data from the computer program extension and actually push out an image of all sorts of radar including velocity and echo tops as well as many mnay other satalite data. Best of all its free and very custimizable (programming wise)

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how do you get the weather on this?

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Out of the 50 or so skins I've tried, this one is my favorite so far. Very well thought out to match the wallpaper and the modules look great. Not too "in your face" and not so minimalistic that it's useless.  Excellent job!
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