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My Smartphone



Suite of skins for Rainmeter based in an smartphone

Plugin Speech (INCLUDED)
Plugin Chameleon (INCLUDED)
Plugin WebNowPlaying (INCLUDED)

------> 2024 version coming soon

UPDATE 2.3 (02, 2022)
Fixed Weather Skins
Added 302 Radio Stations

Access to all Windows Settings
Access to Windows Games and internal Apps
9 search sites
App launcher
6 wallpapers
196 editable bookmarks sorted by topics
Scalable with the mouse wheel on the notification bar. You can do it fast
6 languages for the skin (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German)
Weather conditions in your local language
Fonts and realistic sounds included
Customizable phone border color
Settings skin
Easy to configure, edit the links and change the icons and images (respecting the file names)

7 "Apps" included:

- My Phone: Include a search bar, Current Weather, System monitor, nowplaying and 10 editable links; apps or websites

- My System: Storage, System monitor and Internet monitor

- My Player: Access to your MP3 folder, 70 Radio Stations included. Volume and files explorer controlled with the mouse wheel. Automatic download of the song lyrics you listen to. (Only in MP3 mode). Search for the lyrics of the song, photos, video clip or information of what you hear with a click. Dynamic colors extracted from the cover

- My Web Player: It shows the cover and the information of the song that you listen in Spotify, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Tidal, among others. Search for the lyrics of the song, photos, video clip or information of what you hear with a click. Dynamic colors extracted from the cover

- My Reader: 68 varied sites organized by categories with images, 10 news per site, random change between sites, oversized image control, change of white or black background with a click, pause between news, sites of general news have a submenu to change the type of local information

- My Weather: 4 days forecast, Moon info and current conditions with real images. You can listen to the forecast by pressing the speaker icon

- My Weather Clock: 4 day forecast with the hourly forecast with an analog clock

All include information about the battery status and the Internet connection at the top with LED notifications

Firefox users should type in the search box "about: config" and set "network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS" to true.

The screen is not touch Wink/Razz 

(First version) Youtube Link

Weather icons by vclouds
Plugin Speech by jsmorley
Plugin Chameleon by Socks the Fox
Plugin WebNowPlaying Companion by Trevot Hamilton
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